Top tech conferences: The ultimate tech events guide for February 2024

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It's a brand new year, and there are hundreds of top Tech Conferences to go to!

So to help you work out what events to head to in 2024, TechRadar Pro has curated a list of the most important international technology events and conferences coming this year, so you can keep up with innovations from every industry.

Finovate Europe

27th - 28th February | London, UK

Finovate Europe puts you in the hands of the leading innovators and experts of the fintech industry. Finovate is attended by senior bankers and investors from firms such as HSBC, Barclays, Lloyds Banking Group, Bank of America, and JP Morgan Asset Management.

Why attend? Finovate's talks and product demonstrations are cutting edge, giving you access to expert commentary in an efficient fast-paced format, putting you ahead of the curve.

Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024

26th - 29th February | Barcelona, Spain

If you're more into the innovations surrounding networks, green technology and smart factories, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from the 26th to the 29th January may be for you.

Why attend? A wide range of speakers from big industry names such as Dell, Microsoft and Vodafone will discuss topics from the future of manufacturing, to 5G and beyond.

Web Summit Qatar

26th - 29th February | Qatar

Web Summit Qatar a world tech summit connecting over 12,000 attendees with 300+ investors and 800+ start-ups. This event will provide ground-breaking insights into the future of technology in one of the fastest growing regions for tech.

Why attend? Talks from speakers such as author Trevor Noah, Deep Space Initiative CEO & Astronaut Sara Sabry, and Replit Co-founder & CEO Amjad Masad. This event is the gold standard for networking and seeing the future of technology.

API Summit 2024

11th - 13th March | Austin, Texas

API Summit 2024 brings together the leading names in API in one place to provide critical insights into the future of the industry, alongside the innovations being made by the top companies.

Why attend? Senior members of organizations such as Google, Microsoft, and Netflix will be giving talks on API security and gen-AI, alongside technical demonstrations from the experts.

Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2024

11th - 13th March | Orlando, Florida

Take a look into the world of data, analytics and AI at the Gartner summit. As AI changes the way we interact with and analyze data, this summit is a sneak-peak into the future of data and analytics.

Why attend? Experts from Gartner will dive into pioneering research surrounding leadership, AI, data management, and many more, to help you make the best decisions for your business.

The DEVOPS Conference 2024

14th March | London, UK

DEVOPS conference 2024 is the place to be for software professionals and managers alike. The in-person event will take place in London with the option for virtual attendance available for those who don't want to miss it!

Why attend? Talks by industry leaders such as Melissa Perri and Matthew Skelton alongside networking opportunities and talks by over 50 speakers, there is definitely something here for you.

Smart Grid Tech Week 2024

18th - 22nd March | Amsterdam, Netherlands

SG Tech Week is the place to be for all things digital grids, including cybersecurity, regulatory pressure, and sustainability. Workshops, briefings, networking opportunities and more make this a jam-packed week of innovation.

Why attend? SG Tech Week will have several workshops on the fundamentals of smart grid standards followed by multiple talks on big data and OT cybersecurity.

Enterprise Connect 2024

25th - 28th March | Orlando, Florida

Enterprise Connect gathers the biggest technologies and innovations from the enterprise IT industry and puts them in one place to help CX, IT and communications professionals overcome the biggest challenges facing their industries.

Why attend? Speakers from Microsoft, Zoom, and CISCO will provide though-provoking talks on the future of enterprise IT and how the latest tech can help you prepare.

Georgia Technology Summit 2024

28th March | Atlanta, Georgia

The Georgia Technology Summit is the place to be to see the forefront of tech innovation and disruption, with executives and c-suites discussing the future of workforces, technology, and the state of industries.

Why attend? Featuring speakers such as Shayan Hussain (Blackrock) Daryl Plummer, (Gartner), and Monica Kaufman Pearson, Georgia Technology Summit has breakout sessions on everything from Gen-AI, through Esports, and all the way to data security.

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