MobileCon 2012: top 10 moments

7. Borderless Networks

Borderless Networks, according to Cisco they'll be what connect companies across continents, allowing them to share information and resources no matter where they are. However, with cloud services and Google hangouts already connecting teams world-wide, how can Cisco, or another company, further unify the experience?

And how can they remain safe and reliable? Splitting resources across the globe can be an IT nightmare, and we're interested to see if any other companies will have something to add to Cisco's Borderless Network solution, or perhaps launch something of their own.

8. Keeping our data secure

As more and more financial information makes its way onto our smartphones and into the digital space, security becomes a growing concern. After the recent Apple ID leak and the threat of Android malware, security across mobile devices has never been a higher priority, on both the customer and provider side.

MobileCon 2012

The struggle for mobility and security

MobileCon 2012 will be hosting a series of talks on cybersecurity. Speakers range from representatives of sectors both public and private, including the US Department of Homeland Security, the National Institute of Standards & Technology, the US National Security Agency, the Defense Information & Systems Agency, as well as security software giant Symantec. We're curious to see what this panel will have to say about data security in a world of borderless mobile networks.

9. iPhone 5 accessories and apps

With the iPhone 5 in the process of boosting the US GDP (hopefully), accessories and apps for Apple's new phone are set to become an industry unto themselves. Cases are already here, and third-party Lightning adapters are on the way.

MobileCon 2012

The iPhone 5 accessory industry

The shortcomings of Apple's new iOS 6 are also creating plenty of opportunities for app makers and competitors alike. For example, Apple's new Maps app doesn't do public transit, which has many bus and train riders looking to third parties to calculate their commute. We're curious to see what will be unveiled at MobileCon 2012 to capitalize on the strengths and weaknesses of Apple's latest toy.

10. More companies with Passbook support

Apple touted its Passbook feature as just as good if not better than NFC, but so far few companies have joined the movement. We'd like this to change.

MobileCon 2012

Pass Passbook some more passes, please

As MobileCon 2012 is an enterprise meeting space, we want some of these businesses to jump aboard the Passbook boat. One analyst projected Passbook could help bring Apple App Store revenue to $4.9 billion by the end of the year, but for now the application is very much a fledgling service.

While we're sure it will grow in time, we want MobileCon to provide a glimpse at the real potential Apple says its native service offers.

Michelle Fitzsimmons

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