Threatened by the Xbox One and PS4? Nope, says Razer CEO

I don't know – would I go back and draft a contract? Probably. I mean I'm OK with that, but I just really like playing games and when I've got an opportunity today to influence the industry in the little small way that we do, it's a privilege. It's cool. I love what I do.

It gets tiring from time to time and I'm like, holy crap, this is tough. In the past four weeks I've been to and fro from Asia - I've been around the world at least three times. It's painful.

TR: You've got the Edge tablet, but how interested is Razer really in the mobile space? Will we see more products from Razer in this area?

MT: Absolutely. One of the common questions I get all the time is are we building a gaming phone. And I really think mobility is important, but to sacrifice quality of gaming, I don't think that's something our customer base is happy with.

I play a lot of mobile games. Embarrassingly enough, I play Candy Crush. I'm going to lose some street cred, but I play some Candy Crush and all that kind of stuff. But it's just not as engaging as a World of Warcraft or games like that. So I don't think it will ever replace what we're doing, until such a day comes when we're able to have cloud gaming, or stream it across to a smaller device and keep that quality and that level of engagement.

Razer Edge

Razer Edge in action

TR: So I really liked the 14-inch Razer when I went hands on with it, but my biggest hang up was the screen. I thought the resolution was lacking.

MT: For us to get it as thin as it gets, we had to use a special screen. But it's HD+. As a smaller company, we may not necessarily have exclusives with the screen manufacturers that a larger company has.

Slowly and surely as we take over the world, we're going to get there. And that to me is part of a larger design vision. Sometimes we need to do things to get to be a larger company, and that's what we want to do. But even an HD+ screen is pretty…it's1600 x 900. But it could be better.

Our focus was not so much for graphics work and stuff like that. The focus was more for frame rates and gaming. So with this 1600 x 900, the frame rates are incredible for gaming. And that's pretty much one of the big focuses for us.

TR: Is Razer going to stay in the 14- and 17-inch space, or can we expect other screen sizes?

MT: I think it's enough for us.

TR: Is the Razer we have today what you envisioned when you started? Or is there still a lot more growth to go?

MT: I think we've just gotten started. It's just really cool because now we've got more resources to do more products, to design the crazy stuff we want to design. That's what we want to continue doing, just pushing the envelope day after day.

Michelle Fitzsimmons

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