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PlayStation Showcase: all the PS5 game announcements as they happened

What happened during the PlayStation Showcase?

The PS5 Showcase event livestream details
(Image: © Sony)

The PlayStation Showcase is now over, but the 40-minute event was absolutely packed with top-notch PS5 game updates and announcements - and a few surprises to boot.

The September 9 showcase was a biggie, as expected. While Sony has held the occasional State of Play event here and there in 2021, it was notably absent from both E3 and Gamescom, leaving us crying out for a big PlayStation announcement drop. But the PlayStation Showcase did not disappoint.

If you were unable to watch the event live then don't worry, we followed each announcement and reveal as it happened so you can catch up on everything you may have missed below.

Here's a run down of the biggest announcements from the PlayStation Showcase:


Today's the day! The long-awaited PlayStation Showcases kicks off in less than four hours and we'll be following along with all the action right here. Remember the event kicks off at 1pm PT / 4pm ET / 9pm BST and is set to last 40 minutes, followed by deep dives into the games showcased. 

Here at TechRadar, we're excited to see what Sony has up its sleeve as the showcase will no doubt be packed with game updates and announcements - and probably a few surprises. 

Today's showcase is a biggie. While Sony has held a few State of Play showcases this year, it was notably absent from both E3 2021 and Gamescom, leaving us crying out for a big ol' PlayStation announcement drop. And it looks like Sony will answer our pleas today.

We already have a rough idea of what to expect from Sony at the PlayStation Showcase with a PlayStation Blog post stating that the event will "include updates from PlayStation Studios and some of the industry’s most imaginative developers, for games releasing this holiday and beyond". 

Sony has confirmed that we won't be seeing PSVR 2 making an appearance at today's showcase but has said that "will still be plenty of great PS5 games from developers large and small". 

The rumor mill is in full swing ahead of the event and we've already spotted this "leaked" running order over on Twitter, which claims we'll see a few world premieres at the event, a trailer for Gran Turismo, a new DualSense controller color and the expected reveal of the God of War sequel. 

While we're expecting some of these announcements to happen at the PlayStation Showcase, we're not entirely convinced by this "leak" given that it is laden with spelling errors and claims there will be quite a few speeches from Jim Ryan (no, thank you) but speculation is half the fun of these events, right?

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So what are we actually expecting to see at the PlayStation Showcase? While the event is only set to last 40 minutes, we're expecting Sony to pack plenty into that run time - with a focus on upcoming PS5 games.

Our biggest hope for today's showcase is that Sony will finally reveal the God of War sequel. God of War: Ragnarok (as it's rumored to be called) was teased by Sony last year, but we haven't actually seen the game in action, nor do we know what it will be about - we don't even know if it's actually called Ragnarok. Hopefully today we'll get some answers.

We're also expecting Sony to show us more of Horizon Forbidden West. Following the controversy over the game’s lack of a free upgrade path for PlayStation 5 it's likely Sony will want to paint Aloy's next adventure in a more positive light.

Make sure to check out our full list of PlayStation Showcase predictions for more.

Which game are you hoping will make an appearance at the PlayStation Showcase? Let us know on Twitter!

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There are just two hours to go until the PlayStation Showcase kicks off. Remember to check out our guide on how to watch PS5 Showcase so you can watch all the action as it unfolds while soaking up expert commentary and opinion from us right here in this live blog.

If you're wanting to get up to date with all the biggest PS5 game releases we're expecting in 2021 and beyond (and what date they're releasing), be sure to check out our new PS5 games guide - it may even remind you of some titles you want to add to your wishlist for tonight's showcase.

Not picked up a PS5 yet? After this PlayStation Showcase, you may be even more inclined to. Unfortunately PS5 stock remains pretty difficult to come by, but we're here to help. Make sure to check out TechRadar's regularly updated guide on where to buy a PS5 and - if you're in the US - make sure to check out our dedicated PS5 restock update page. 

There's just one hour to go until the PlayStation Showcase kicks off and the excitement is at fever pitch here at TechRadar. Will we see the new God of War? Maybe Horizon Forbidden West? What surprises does Sony have up it's sleeve? It's not long until we find out. Remember to stick right here for all the biggest announcements as they happen.

There's just 45 minutes to go but we're enjoying all the tongue-in-cheek fake "leaks" PlayStation fans are posting on Twitter ahead of the event. 

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There's just half an hour to go, so let's catch up with our Twitter poll. According to the results so far, the majority of you are hoping to see a game other than Horizon Forbidden West, Forspoken and even (gasp) the God of War sequel. If you haven't voted yet, let us know what you're hoping to see today. Maybe we can wish it into existence (but probably not).

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Bloomberg's Jason Schreier has tweeted to say today's PlayStation Showcase "will be worth taking your lunch break to watch". Schreier also teases that there will be some big surprises and superheroes, suggesting those rumors of a new Infamous announcement could be real after all. Schreier's usually pretty accurate when it comes to insider information, so we're more excited than ever.

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With all these fake leaked running orders floating about, we felt it appropriate to make our own. We're most excited for the reveal of God of War: Let's Hear it for the Boi. 

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Just 15 minutes to go. That's plenty of time to go to the toilet, get yourself a beverage (and maybe a snack), and then scurry back here for the PlayStation Showcase. 

The PlayStation Showcase has officially kicked off! 

First up is a very Cyberpunk-esque trailer for PlayStation itself featuring a bank heist, some chess players and some futuristic cars. 

Jim Ryan is up next, talking about PlayStation and its community. He has said Sony is going to share "significant updates" on new games. Exciting.

A very strong start for this PlayStation Showcase. A brief trailer for the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Remake: "a legend remade for PS5".

The trailer, seen below, has the voice of Bastilla Shan who was one of the recruitable characters in the Bioware epic and shows off one of the key characters, Darth Revan.

We knew it was on the way but this is the first trailer we've seen for it, even if we didn't learn much.

Next up is a trailer for the sci-fi-esque action title Project Eve - which looks a bit like Devil May Cry. It's coming to PS4, PS5, PC and Xbox One at an unconfirmed date.

The trailer gives us a pretty good look at gameplay with mostly seems to involve melee combat with tentacle-like alien creatures with a big sword and plenty of traversal options.

A trailer for Tiny Tina's Wonderlands is up next, suitably soundtracked by Babymetal. The trailer can only be described as all out chaos, exactly what you would expect from a Borderlands spin-off. There's a lute, a unicorn and even some DnD-like elements. Releasing March 25, 2022 for PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 5 and Xbox One.

Another trailer for the previously confirmed Forspoken. It shows the protagonist falling through a portal and landing in a fantasy world where she's speaking to a bangle that sounds like Paul Bettany?! The trailer gives us a look at Forspoken's magic-focused combat in action as well as its traversal, while providing a bit of insight into the story itself. It's releasing "Spring 2022" for PS5.

Another trailer for Rainbow Six Extraction, which was fairly recently delayed from a September 2021 release to January 2022. 

A trailer for the recently confirmed Alan Wake Remastered, which is coming to PlayStation (PS5 and PS4) for the first time in "Fall 2021"

The trailer showcases the remastered graphics players can expect and - we must say - it looks to be a massive improvement. 

We weren't sure this would make an appearance tonight. The enhanced and expanded edition of GTA 5 and GTA Online for PS5 trailer, showing those enhanced graphics and gameplay in action but not telling us much in the way of what new features to expect...still. A banner at the end says coming to PS5 "March 22", it's currently unclear if that's just GTA Online or GTA 5 too - but that's a delay from the initial November release date.

A trailer for Ghostwire Tokyo, which looks pretty amazing. Unfortunately we won't get our hands on it until 2022. It will release on PC and PS5 (as a timed console exclusive).

A new Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy trailer, which actually makes the game look better than it did in its original unveiling. This time, the focus is on the hunor and the action-packed gameplay. Coming to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One on October 26, 2021.

A trailer for new vampire Battle Royale Vampire: The Masquerade Blood Hunt. Imagine a bloodier Fortnite. It's coming to PS5 in 2022.

Ahead of its release next week, Sony is once again showcasing Deathloop. While we're excited to get our hands on it, we can't help but feel we know pretty much everything there is to know about the time-lopping FPS already. Releasing September 14, 2021 for PC and PS5 (as a timed console exclusive).

A Radiohead Kid A Mnesia virtual exhibition coming to PS5 in November, "presented by Radiohead and Epic Games". 

A trailer for a very adorable looking game that sees the main character playing a ukele and turning into a sea turtle and a crab? This looks suitably wholesome. Tchia is a tropical open-world adventure that sees you taking control of any animals or objects you cna find. We're sold.

It was rumored already, but Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and its spin-off Lost Legacy are being remastered and coming to PC and PS5 in the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection.

What's this, a surprise? From Marvel?

Marvel's Wolverine has been confirmed, being developed by Insomniac Games who developed the Marvel Spider-Man game and Miles Morales. We are very excited! The trailer shows Logan (aka Wolverine) sitting in a destroyed bar, before unleashing his claws - though we never see his face. We can't wait to hear more about this.

A gameplay trailer for Gran Turismo 7, showing some of the vehicles, maps and car parts available for players to utilize. It truly looks stunning and we'll get our hands on it in March 2022.

A new Spider-man game from Insomniac called: Marvel's Spider-Man 2. It shows Peter Parker from Marvel's Spider-Man teaming up with Miles' Morales from Spider-Man: Miles Morales to fight crime, before the infamous villain Venom emerges from the shadows. Coming 2023.

Here it is, the God of War sequel.

God of War: Ragnarok (yep, that is its official name) has been unveiled and appears to be set a few years after the events of God of War 2018. Both Kratos and Atreus are older and it seems Atreus is going through his "angsty teen years". The pair are trying to prevent Ragnarok, essentially the end of the world, but seem to be having some disagreements. The trailer shows the return of characters such as Mimir, Brok and Freya as well as some new environments including one clad in snow and another that almost looks like a pirate-inspired town. 

Loki plays some part in this sequel but the voice-over we hear is Thor (played by Ryan Hurst from Sons of Anarchy)., is him. We also see plenty of gameplay that shows new moves that include Kratos pulling enemies with chains and Atreus riding through adversaries on a stag. That reveal was absolutely worth waiting for.

The PlayStation Showcase main show is officially over but we're finding out lots of interesting tidbits thanks to the deep dives following the show.