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Lego's super-expensive new set already sold out - despite having no Cyber Monday deal

Lego Creator Colosseum
(Image credit: Lego)

At the same time as the official Lego Black Friday deals kicked off on November 27, the brand released its eye-wateringly-expensive new set, and despite the lack of any Black Friday or Cyber Monday Lego deal on it, the kit has sold out.

This new set is the Lego Creator Colosseum, and that set will cost you a knee-shaking  $549.99 / £449.99 - it's one of the priciest new Lego sets the brand has ever put out, though certainly not the most expensive.

That price is somewhat justified - the set has over 9,000 pieces, and is roughly half a meter squared with a 27cm height. It's not quite as big as the historical location it's based on, but it's not too far off either.

It's also a really good looking kit - we've rather fallen in love with it despite never having visited the actual site it's based on.

Despite its high price and huge footprint, this Lego Colosseum has apparently found a keen audience, as the set sold out really quickly. It's currently on backorder on the Lego website, with new orders set to ship on January 21 at time of writing.

Missed a deal

It's no wonder there wasn't a Cyber Monday Lego deal on the Colosseum set, due to it being so new, but we're still impressed at the kit's popularity given its price.

Super-pricey Lego sets aren't for everyone, but there are other real-life locations and historical-inspired kits on offer in the Lego Cyber Monday sales that might fit in your price tag a little more.

These kits are for deals in the US and UK, and cover wonders of the modern world as well as other real-life-inspired things.

We'll list them below, so you can peruse them at your leisure and see if anything piques your interest. We've also got a massive and comprehensive Cyber Monday Lego deal round-up if you want to see other kinds of sets too.

US deals

Lego Architecture Statue of Liberty: $119.99 $95.99 at Amazon (save $24)
If you want a Lego version of the nation's most symbolic... well, symbol, this Lego Architecture deal could be great for you, as it knocks 20% off the price. The set has 1685 pieces so it's no small build and it's one of the biggest members of Lego's Architecture range.
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Lego Architecture Trafalgar Square: $79.99 $63.99 at Amazon (save $16)
This version of the iconic London location comes with fewer dirty pigeons or street performers, but with more charm, given its cute blocky look and that tiny red bus. Plus, you can swap out that fourth plinth for whatever you like, as the City of London itself does.
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Lego Architecture Tokyo skyline: $59.99 $47.99 at Amazon (save $12)
This Toyko model lets you build a tiny replica of the Tokyo Tower, Big Sight and more. If you've been to Tokyo or just love the architecture, this set is a great way to show that off.
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Lego Architecture Dubai skyline: $59.99 $47.99 at Amazon (save $12)
We're glad this set is on offer, as it let us make that pun at the beginning of the article. With this you can build the Burj Khalifa as well as other iconic Dubai buildings - funnily enough, the set isn't to scale, but it looks great anyway.
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UK deals

Lego Architecture London skyline: £44.99 £37.95 at Amazon (Save £7.04)
Celebrate all the tourist sites of the capital city with this London skyline set, showing off Big Ben, the London Eye (sorry, Coca-Cola Eye...) and a tiny replica of Trafalgar Square.
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Lego Architecture Empire State Building: £89.99 £64.99 at Amazon (Save £25)
This is a pretty big set as Lego Architecture builds go, with nearly 1,800 bricks coming together to create arguably the most iconic US building (except the White House, we guess). There are even some tiny little yellow taxis too.
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Lego Architecture Statue of Liberty: £89.99 £67.99 at Amazon (save £22)
This wonder of the modern world can be yours in Lego form. It's marvelously detailed, and stands 35cm tall when you've built it all. It'd look great opposite your Lego Empire State Building.

Lego Creator Old Trafford: £249.99 £199.99 at John Lewis (save £50)
Man U really need to pick up this deal if you're a football fan. It's a perfect gift to a United supporter (or yourself), with almost 4,000 bricks and loads of details that fans of the stadium will be sure to pick up on. We're waiting out on a Lego Carrow Road though.
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Lego Art The Beatles: £114.99 £75.99 at Amazon (save £39)
This set lets you build a poster depicting one of the four Beatles members. You can re-arrange the bricks to change who's on show, if you want. This is a must-buy for fans of The Beatles, and its 34% price drop just makes it more tantalising.
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Lego Creator Fiat 500: £75 £63.74 at John Lewis (save £11.26)
If you like the look of - or have ever owned - a classic Fiat 500, why not celebrate your car taste with this Lego version of the model. This is a fair discount on a nice decorative Lego set that'll sit well on a shelf or table.
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