Leaked documents tease AMD ‘Big Navi’ GPUs are coming to... Tesla?

(Image credit: Tesla)

AMD has been flying high this year with new product lines and company acquisitions, and there’s barely been a week where it hasn't made the news. That success looks to continue thanks to a leaked document revealing Tesla may be using the upcoming ‘Navi 23’ graphics processing unit (GPU) to power its infotainment systems (a combination of systems that deliver entertainment and information).

This latest AMD rumor was posted on Twitter by user Patrick Shur (@patrickschur_), a known leaker of AMD engineering samples and news. The post originally contained some blueprints for the Navi 23 stamped by Tesla, but these have since been removed to protect his sources. 

This type of news does stray typically from the usual rumor content, however Patrick has been very trusted with AMD spec leaks in the past.

In-car gaming?

As if we needed any more reasons to be jealous of Tesla owners, the AMD GPUs are supposedly being introduced to the infotainment system due to current Intel hardware apparently holding back applications such as Tesla Arcade and Tesla Toybox. The ability to play games on your car (whilst stationary of course) was impressive enough, but the potential for AAA games to be included feels like a tease. 

It goes without saying that as neither Tesla nor AMD have made a statement, this news is firmly in the unconfirmed rumor territory, but it really isn’t too far-fetched to think that Elon Musk wants to kick back in his Tesla Truck and play Cyberpunk 2077

Jess Weatherbed

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