Laptops with Intel 9th-generation processors could be arriving soon

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Lenovo has revealed the existence of 9th-generation mobile processors from Intel on one of its laptop’s product datasheets, potentially indicating that these fresh CPUs could be with us soon.

The power-sipping processors – designed to be undemanding for portables, having low-power needs, and indeed low cooling requirements – will apparently arrive in three flavors: Core i7-9550U, Core i5-9250U, and Core i3-9130U.

That’s according to the spec details of Lenovo’s IdeaPad S530 13-inch convertible, but sadly no further information is provided on the processors such as the clock speed or core count.

What is interesting, however, is that these 9th-gen CPUs are listed as options directly alongside 8th-gen offerings – essentially the parts that they replace. Naturally, the new chips will doubtless be faster, but they will be built on the same 14nm++ process, so there may not be that much of a difference to the 8th-generation processors.

Clocking up

As Wccftech, which spotted this development, notes, the Core i3 will doubtless be a dual-core CPU, with the others being quad-core products. Exactly what clock speeds they will run at is anyone’s guess, but we can obviously hope for slightly faster speeds than with the current line-up.

As mentioned, the appearance of these processors on a datasheet likely means that they are on the near horizon, unless Lenovo simply made a mistake with the spec details (although that would seem very unlikely).

If they are imminent, we will likely see more in the way of leaks soon, which will probably clarify the kind of performance we can expect from these 9th-gen mobile CPUs.

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