iPhone XR 2 could come in two new colors

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Apple is sure to launch an iPhone XR 2 (possibly called the iPhone 11R) alongside the iPhone 11 and while we don’t know much about it yet, it’s starting to look likely that the phone will be offered in a different selection of colors to the iPhone XR.

Mark Gurman (a reputable Apple leaker) has tweeted an image of shards of glass which he claims are the “next-generation iPhone XR colors”, and alongside the familiar black, white and yellow shades, there are lavender and green ones, with these latter two said to replace the iPhone XR’s blue and coral colors.

We also imagine there will be a (PRODUCT)RED version, as with the XR, though that’s not pictured here.

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Of course, shards of glass aren’t really much to go on, so we’d take this with a pinch of salt. But as noted it comes from a reliable source, and it follows a previous claim from Macotakara that we’d see exactly those colors.

As for what else to expect, it’s rumored that the iPhone XR 2 will have an LCD screen, just like its predecessor, but that it will get upgraded to a dual-lens rear camera and that along with the rest of the range the design of the camera block will be changed, with the snappers placed in a square area in the top left corner, as the image above shows.

We’ve also heard that the iPhone XR 2’s battery could grow by 5%, taking it to around 3,089mAh. That’s about all that’s been rumored so far, but we’d expect lots more information to leak in the coming weeks and months, ahead of the likely September announcement of the phone.

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