iPhone 13 Pro colors could include three new shades

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The iPhone 12 Pro in Pacific Blue (Image credit: TechRadar)

With most of the specs for the iPhone 13 range now leaked, we’re getting a clearer idea of the colors that might be offered, with the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max apparently coming in black, silver, rose gold and sunset gold.

That’s according to a leaker known as Lanzuk, posting on Naver (a South Korean social media site), who adds that the sunset gold shade has a bronze appearance, while the rose gold model looks very pale.

For reference, the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max come in a choice of graphite, silver, gold or pacific blue. So if this leak is right then silver might be the only model that remains for the iPhone 13 Pro range, with the rest of the colors being different, given that the golds mentioned here don’t sound the same as the current gold option.

Bet on black

Some of these colors we’ve heard rumored before. A matte black shade has been mentioned multiple times and linked specifically to the Pro models, so it looks very likely at this point that it will be among the offered shades. We’ve previously heard that this shade might be more of a very dark grey though, and have a metallic look.

We’ve also previously heard that a bronze or orange color could be in the works, which could be the sunset gold shade mentioned here. However, previous sources didn’t sound very sure that this would make it past the prototype stage, so we were less confident that we’d see it.

Rose gold hasn’t been mentioned before, but rose pink has, and Apple has made phones in a rose gold shade in the past, so it’s certainly possible that we’ll see a return of this. 

By the sounds of things, all of these colors would also be in keeping with Apple’s habit of using understated colors for its priciest phones – a habit we wish it would break.

Still, nothing is certain yet, and nor will it be until Apple unveils the iPhone 13 range, which we’re expecting it to do sometime in September. But we’ll be sure to bring you all the credible iPhone 13 news and leaks in the meantime.

Via Apple Insider

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