iPhone 13 Pro again rumored to come in a matte black shade

iPhone 12 Pro Max
The iPhone 12 Pro Max (Image credit: Future)

The most likely iPhone 13 range color that we’ve heard about so far is matte black, as multiple sources have mentioned it, and we now have more details about how it might look.

According to EverythingApplePro on YouTube, the matte black shade (which will apparently be exclusive to the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max) will be much darker than the graphite shade that you can get the iPhone 12 Pro range in.

Given the name that’s perhaps unsurprising, but we’d previously heard that this matte black shade would be a reworking of the graphite option. This latest leak though suggests that rather than being a dark grey, it will be near-black, with the shade apparently being close to the Hex color code 121212.

Stabilization and subject tracking

As well as that, the source also echoed previous rumors that the whole iPhone 13 range would get sensor-shift stabilization. This should improve the stabilization in the camera, allowing for sharper shots, but this source adds that it will apparently work across all resolutions and frame rates, and may also enable subject tracking.

That presumably means it would help you keep moving subjects in focus, so it sounds like it could be especially useful for fast moving people or objects, like you might get at a sporting event or with animals. However, that’s just speculation for now.

The iPhone 13 Pro probably won’t land until September, so we won’t know for sure for a while, but WWDC 2021 kicks off today (June 7) and we’re expecting to get an official look at the software set to power Apple’s next phone there, so head over to our WWDC live blog for all the details on that.

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