Watch Vikings vs 49ers live stream online for 'free'

Vikings vs 49ers live stream watch online news
Vikings vs 49ers live stream watch online news
  • Update: Vikings vs 49ers live stream is over, ending 20, Vikings 3 with a San Francisco win. You can watch video highlights of Adrian Peterson's return along with the first game in this Monday Night Football doubleheader, Falcons 26, Eagles 24.

Move on over, Eagles and Falcons, it's kickoff time for Minnesota Vikings vs San Francisco 49ers at Levi's Stadium, the home of Super Bowl 50 (no more Roman Numerals, folks).

Good news anyone looking to watch online without a television. Monday Night Football is now a product of ESPN, and the entire MNF schedule is being live streamed on multiple platforms this year.

Vikings vs Eagles live stream 2015 news

Follow the live streaming directions below. It's not too different from watching HBO online, although, here, you'll have to deal with an overabundance of commercials every few minutes.

Vikings vs Eagles live stream 2015 news

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Live stream Vikings vs 49ers in the US

Since the Minnesota Vikings vs San Francisco 49ers game is being broadcast on ESPN, you'll find that the WatchESPN website is live streaming all four quarters of the game, and overtime if need be.

Vikings vs 49ers live stream 2015 news

Thankfully, it's not just highlights or play-by-play animations anymore. Full video of the game can be seen, if you have a cable subscription username and password, that is.

Yes, like all of the legitimate HD streaming options out there, the Watch ESPN website requires proper authentication, so, cord cutters, buy your cable or satellite-paying "extended family member" a drink.

Vikings vs Eagles live stream 2015 news

The best part is that you'll be able to take that stream and cast it to your football-worthy big-screen TV using Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast and Xbox One.

Live stream Vikings vs 49ers for $20 in the US

Kind of desperate to watch tonight's MNF doubleheader? You're in luck because Sling TV didn't exist last season, but it's here to deliver standard cable channels over the internet.

Eagles vs Falcons live stream 2015 news

The month-to-month service offers channels like ESPN, CNN, TBS and more for $20 a month and no long-term contract. It's not free through this service, but it's close.

That means, if you can't figure out your relatives cable password or your friends changed their account login last week, you can still watch the 49ers vs Vikings live stream for a pretty cheap price.

Live stream Vikings vs 49ers on mobile in US

Not near a television or computer? That's okay too, because the Vikings vs 49ers is streaming on mobile devices through with the same exact feed from ESPN with a cable subscription.

Vikings vs 49ers live stream 2015 news

The return of Adrian Peterson is the big highlight of this live stream

The Watch ESPN app is available on every major mobile platform: iPhone and iPad, Android, Amazon and Windows Phone devices. Sorry, Blackberry user (singular) who likes either the Vikings or 49ers.

Verizon subscribers can skip the cable login requirement if they want to watch the game on the go thanks to the returning NFL Mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

'Other' live streaming Vikings vs 49ers methods

The NFL and ESPN and finally stepping up the "TV Everywhere" initiative laid out by the cable lobby, much to the benefit of Monday Night Football fans.

Vikings vs 49ers live stream 2015 news

However, if none of the above methods work for you, there are alternatives - ones we've used before the advent of live streaming apps.

If you're away from your cable box in Minnesota, San Francisco or anywhere in the world, actually, we suggest you invest in a Slingbox M1, which streams and controls your DVR box via a private internet video player.

Then there's less legitimate streams via Periscope, Meerkat and shady looking websites. Don't fall for live streaming players are want you to instal harmful files. No football game is worth that headache.

Live stream Vikings vs 49ers in the UK

Like we experienced with the US Open tennis live stream last night, the best way to watch this Monday Night Football game is through the Sky Go website.

Vikings vs 49ers live stream 2015 news

It's carrying the broadcast through Sky Sports 1 and the live stream is available online and through the Sky Go mobile app, just in case you're in the UK and away from a computer.

Sky Go, just like in the US, requires 49ers and Vikings watchers to log in with their cable password to make the video player work, and its mobile app is limited to iOS and Android devices.

Monday Night Football is live streaming through ESPN and Sky all season long, so tonight's Vikings vs 49ers game is just week one on the schedule. Let's hope the Vikings and 49ers can do better than 3rd place in their respective NFC divisions.

Vikings vs 49ers live stream 2015 news

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Oh, and in case you were wondering what happened during the previous Eagles vs Falcons game, this about sums it up.

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