Travelodge announces free Wi-Fi for its customers

Travelodge announces free Wi-Fi for its customers
Travelodge offers up free web browsing

Travelodge has announced that it is to give free Wi-Fi access to its customers, making it the first budget hotel chain in the UK to do so.

Paying for Wi-Fi in hotels is definitely a bugbear for most, so the introduction of free Wi-Fi in 140 of its Travelodge Bar Cafés hotels will be welcomed by many travellers looking to save a bit of cash on their internet habits while away from home.

The initiative is being rolled out as of 12 September due to growing consumer need and the popularity of mobile web browsing, according to the Travelodge.

Smartphone popularity

"We are always looking at ways to help our customers get even more value for their money whilst staying in one our Travelodge hotels," said Travelodge Chief Executive Guy Parsons.

"Our customer research has highlighted that in today's modern world travellers want internet connectivity whilst on the move, so that they can work and cyber-socialise around the clock, and with the popularity of smartphones reaching an all time high, mobile internet access is becoming more of a necessity in every day life.

"Therefore we have decided to make all of our Bar Cafes a free Wi-Fi hub; enabling our customers to enjoy the benefit of free internet whilst staying with us."

Travelodge's free Wi-Fi is being provided by Spectrum Interactive.

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