TalkTalk joins the super-fast broadband brigade

TalkTalk joins the super-fast broadband brigade
Decent fibre provider

TalkTalk has announced that it is to begin offering 80Mbps super-fast fibre optic broadband deals to its customers for an extra £15 a month.

At the moment, TalkTalk customers have access to speeds of 40Mbps but this has been upped, with TalkTalk reckoning the faster connection will benefit gamers and those who want to watch live TV over the web.

It's still not as fast as Virgin Media's 120Mbps offering but it's good to see more companies offering decent web speeds through fibre.

Seamless connectivity

Speaking about the upgrade, Tristia Clarke, commercial director at TalkTalk, said: "Demand is continuing to increase for superfast broadband as more customers use their internet connections to watch live television, stream HD content, talk to their friends and family or play games that require real time responses.

"We expect our new Superfast Fibre Optic Broadband to be very popular as it will allow the whole family to enjoy seamless connectivity and high upload and download speeds for unbeatable value."

The full service will be available from early April, which is a month before YouView is set to launch – the IPTV service that's partnering up with TalkTalk to offer TV programmes through a web-connected set-top box.

TalkTalk is offering pre-registration for the service – those who are interested should head over to

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