One more thing: today's other news

One more thing: today's other news
Now with added pasties

It's that time again – time for us to lasso the flotsam and jetsam of tech news ready for your quick and easy perusal.

Yes these mixed tech metaphors are wearing a bit thin; more substantial are the stories which today range from Apple TV to a hands-free eating device for gamers and back to Snake on your Nokia phone. Enjoy.

Apple bluffs on iTV – While the rumour mill froths at the mouth about the possibility of an Apple TV set, quoth Tim Cook: "Our Apple TV product is doing quite well… but in the scheme of things, we still classify Apple TV as a hobby." Tech CEO telling the truth or classic misdirection? You decide. [TechCrunch]

And what do you do? – Apple employs someone to spends all day every day opening boxes. Shotgun! To the head if that's where our careers end up, we mean. [Gizmodo UK]

CoD and chips – Activision has released the first expansion pack for Modern Warfare 3 for premium members playing on the Xbox 360 at noon on a rainy Tuesday in July while wearing yellow – two new multiplayer maps for now, with nine months more of downloadable content to come. [Activision]

Ultimate gaming peripheral – Perhaps you're a gamer of a more slovenly persuasion: this should be right up your street. Mod-master Ben Heck has spent valuable hours of his life coming up with a Hot Pocket holder for your Xbox controller. Looks about the right size for a pasty if you're in the UK. [Coolest-Gadgets]

Xbox holder

Image credit: Coolest Gadgets

Size 0 PS Vita – Okay, back to more serious gaming information – we're yet to get our eager little mitts on the PS Vita but we're already excited to hear that the second generation might be a slimmer model, if only the engineers can find a way to squish all the necessary features into it. [CVG]

MegaDrama – Conspiracy theorists, go nuts: according to Digital Music News, Megaupload felt the heat of Universal's ire not because of piracy but because it's about to launch a music service of its own, MegaBox, that allows artists to sell music direct to consumers and take 90 per cent of the income. [Digital Music News]

MegaBadWeek – Poor Kim Dotcom. Not only has he lost his business and his freedom this week, but now he's also lost his crown as the number one MW3 player in the world. Ah well, Dotcom. You know what they say – first the worst, second the best… [VentureBeat]

Jailbreakers, unite – As illegal as it may sound to the casual passer-by, jailbreaking was recently ruled legal in the US. Unfortunately, the expiration of that ruling this year could change all that. The EFF suggests jailbreakers should write to the Copyright Office to explain why jailbreaking should stay legal. Fight the power. Damn the man. [CultofMac]

You're the 1.5 billionth customer – Forget iPhone figures, Nokia has shipped its 1.5 billionth S40 handset with 12 phones still flying off the shelves every second. Around 675 million people are currently enjoying the S40 range and all the MMS, Java support and FM radio goodness it brings with it. [BBC]

Snake Pho 7 – Speaking of old school Nokia, if you find yourself craving a simpler time you could do worse than downloading Snake '97 for your shiny new Nokia Lumia for the acceptably low price of 79p from the Windows Phone Marketplace. [UberGizmo]

Nokia snake

Image credit: UberGizmo

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