How to watch Mrs Brown’s Boys New Year’s Day Special 2022 online

Brendan O'Carroll in "Mammy's Micky" the Mrs Brown's Boys New Year's Day Special
(Image credit: BBC)

Want to start the New Year sporting an ear-to-ear grin? Then catch the second seasonal special of Brendan O’Carroll’s beloved series, featuring quick-witted matriarch Agnes Brown. Warm-hearted and lots of fun, read on below for how to watch Mrs Brown’s Boys New Year’s Day Special online. And let’s just pray that 2022 isn’t a buckin’ disaster!

Watch Mrs Brown’s Boys New Year’s Day Special online

Premiere date: 1 January on BBC One

Time: 10:00pm GMT

Stream for FREE in the UK: BBC iPlayer

Watch anywhere: try ExpressVPN 100% risk-free

The recent Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas Special was a right good craic. So, given your champagne headache has cleared by 10pm on 1 January, you can enjoy another round of raucous fun with the New Year’s Day episode, “Mammy’s Mickey”.

The titular Mickey is a Liverpudlian ex-con who drops in on the Brown’s to see Grandad, his brother. He tries to convince his estranged sibling into investing €5000 for a “South African gold mine", but straight-talking mother of six Agnes intervenes to stop the swindle.

Mickey is played by John Masterson, producer of the original Mrs Browns Boys and 1997’s Treasure Island. He’ll join the main cast alongside Brendan O’Carroll as Agnes, Eilish O'Carroll as Winnie, Paddy Houlihan as Dermot, and Danny O'Carroll as his dim-witted best friend Buster.

They’ll be reconciliations, heart-to-hearts, and a lot of laughs! So, if you fancy another trip round to Mrs Browns, our guide below explains how to watch Mrs Browns Boy’s New Year’s Day Special 2021 online – and totally FREE through BBC iPlayer.

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How to watch Mrs Brown’s Boys New Year’s Day Special 2021 for free in the UK

BBC One on January 1 from 10:00pm

Irish mammy Agnes Brown invites you round to hers to see in the New Year. “Mammy’s Mickey”, the New Year’s Day 2021 Special, will air live via BBC One on January 1 from 10:00pm, or you can watch it online with <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">BBC iPlayer.

If you’re fending off the hangover from hell, you can always watch it on-demand on iPlayer after its live broadcast, where it will remain for roughly 30 days. In any instance, you’ll need a valid TV licence to watch the seasonal special, but the service is completely FREE to use for anyone in the UK.

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How to watch Mrs Brown’s Boys New Year’s Day Special 2021 online from anywhere in the world?

If you find yourself outside of the UK this Christmas, sadly you won't be able to access your usual VOD services from abroad or access BBC iPlayer.

But you needn’t miss the uproarious antics of Mrs Brown and her brood. While geo-restrictions will prevent you from accessing certain services and content, you can get around these by downloading a VPN or Virtual Private Network.

It's completely legal, very affordable, and easy to use. Plus, it also encrypts your browsing and offers additional protection against cybercriminals.

Use a VPN to watch Mrs Brown’s Boys New Year’s Day Special online from anywhere

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2. Connect to the appropriate server location - open the VPN app, hit 'choose location' and select the appropriate location (a server in the UK in this case)

3. Go to the broadcaster's stream - head to BBC iPlayer and start watching Mrs Brown's Boys New Year's Day Special as if you were back at home


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Mrs Brown's Boys

(Image credit: BBC)

Can I watch Mrs Brown’s Boys New Year’s Day Special 2021 online anywhere else in the world?

Unless you’re a UK citizen, it’s unlikely your New Year will start with the hearty laughter of Mrs Brown’s Boys. At the height of Mrs Brown’s Boys’ popularity, the series aired on BBC Canada, BBC America, and the Seven Network in Australia. The seasonal specials, however, don’t seem to get an international broadcast until months later. At least, that seems to be the case in Australia’s Seven Network, which aired last year’s special in April 2021.

However, there’s good news for international fans of the show. Each season and previously broadcast special episode are available to stream on BritBox in America, Canada and Australia, for $6.99, CAD$8.99, and AUS$8.99 a month respectively, and new subscribers can get a 7-day FREE trial before splashing the cash. The downside? We expect a wait of a few months before the 2021/2022 seasonal specials arrive on the Brit-tastic streaming platform.

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