How to watch I Am Greta online: stream Hulu's new Greta Thunberg documentary today

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Despite being just 17 years old, Sweden's Greta Thunberg has become one of the world's most recognisable and influential figures and now the environmental activist is the subject of a full-length documentary exclusive to Hulu. First screened at the Venice International Film Festival back in September, Nathan Grossman's new film comes to the small screen this week courtesy of the streaming service, so read on for our full guide to watching I Am Greta, no matter where in the world you are.

I Am Greta cheat sheet

Release: 13 November 2020

Director: Nathan Grossman

Run time: 1h 42m

Rating: NR

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Thunberg first came to worldwide prominence back in 2018, when the the 15-year-old delivered a scolding speech at the United Nations conference in Katowice, Poland to the assembled world leaders, scolding them or their inaction on climate change prevention.

Grossman's film follows the teenager over the course of 12 months that follow that event, documenting her path from the founder of the grassroots movement known as Fridays for Future (also called School Strike for Climate) to becoming a worldwide symbol for environmental activism that has inspired millions to join protests around the world.

Featuring never-before-seen footage, giving viewers an insight into Greta's home life, the film also addresses her Asperger’s syndrome condition and how it affects her life, relationships and campaigning. Follow our guide below as we explain how to watch I Am Greta online and stream the new Greta Thunberg documentary on Hulu right now.

watch I Am Greta online

How to watch I Am Greta for FREE with Hulu in the US


I Am Greta will be available to stream exclusively in the US  via Hulu, with its release on the service scheduled for Friday, November 13.

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