How to watch Game of Thrones online: stream season 8 or catch up from anywhere

watch game of thrones online
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Buckle up, get excited and get a coat because winter is coming...or more aptly, winter is finally making a return for its 8th season. Finally, after what feels like more than a lifetime, Game of Thrones is finally returning for its 8th and final, yes final season. 

We will finally be graced with the epic conclusion to the Game of Thrones adventure that we have all been on together. That means finding out what will happen with the white walkers, if Bran is the Three-Eyed Raven and who will take over the throne - seriously, it's in the name of the show, we better find out. 

And for all of the keen fans of the show, you're in the right place to learn about where to watch Game of Thrones season 8 online from absolutely anywhere in the world, now just under one month away, the day is edging nearer and nearer.

Set to be an extraordinary crescendo to the show, season 8 of Game of Thrones is one not to miss. HBO has managed to do a brilliant job at keeping this season spoiler-free - even the trailers have been impossibly vague.

Game of Thrones season 8: when and where?

Mark the calendars and get the popcorn ready because the bloodshed will be returning on April 15. Depending on where you live, there is a different streaming or TV service showing the episodes - you can see a list of English-speaking countries below.

Episodes will be streaming live at 9pm ET in the US, which means it may end up airing early in the morning depending where you live (damn you time zone differences). So if you want to watch live it could mean some late nights.

But as exciting as this is, there is still time to catch up on all of the 67 previous episodes of the show. That's only just under 3 days of straight viewing, or probably a ever so slightly more healthy 2 and a half episodes a day.

That means there is still plenty of time to catch up on the show. Considering the last episode of Game of Thrones aired almost two years ago now, we can understand feeling a bit rusty on the plot, especially considering it's not always the easiest to follow, really, who's related to who at this point?

So if you feel like 'you know nothing' and want to watch all the seven seasons in one go, catch up on the odd episode to save yourself the 'who's that guy?' questions or simply find out about where to go for the final release, this is place to be for all your how to watch Game of Thrones online know-how. We've tracked down all of the locations to watch the old episodes, no matter where you live - you can find them all down bellow.

Game of Thrones Season 8 trailer - Get yourself excited for what's to come in 2019

The final trailer has been released and with the first episode of season 8 just under one month away now, we are beyond excited. Make sure to tune in at 2am on April 15 or catch up on the, now readily available, first seven seasons. 

Where can I watch game of thrones?

How to watch Game of Thrones from outside your country

If you want to see how to watch Game of Thrones in the US, Canada, UK, Australia or New Zealand then scroll down to see what your viewing options are.

However, if you find that you've managed to double book your holiday plans with Game of Thrones or you'll be out of the country for a little while, things get a bit more complicated thanks to the annoyance of geo-blocking. This means that broadcasters do tend to try and stop you from watching in other countries, putting up some virtual roadblocks.

There is still a way around that but it will require a little bit of work. By using a VPN, you will still be able to catch up on the show by changing your IP address to a location back where you live, allowing you to watch it all (assuming that doesn't breach any TS&Cs, of course).

There is still a way around that but it will require a little bit of work. By using a VPN, you will still be able to catch up on the show by changing your IP address to a location back where you live, allowing you to watch it all (assuming that doesn't breach any TS&Cs, of course). 

We've tested hundreds of VPNs and can recommend these as the three best VPN options currently available: 

1. Express VPN (comes with a 30 day money back guarantee)
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2. IPVanish supports up to 10 devices, so great on the go and with a focus on security
3. NordVPN: SmartPlay tech makes NordVPN a great, affordable choice for streaming

How to watch Game of Thrones

How to watch Game of Thrones episodes in the USA

No surprise here, if you're in the US then HBO will be the go-to place for everything Game of Thrones. Unfortunately, it is also no surprise that this means you will have to sign up to a HBO subscription to watch the show.

HBO offers a few packages, all of which are pretty flexible. That means you can sign up for one month, finish the show and then cancel if needs be. Not to mention, HBO offers free trials on all of its packages, which helps soften the blow. Prices start at $14.99 a month with HBO and go up depending on which package you choose.

It also presents a challenge - can re-watch all the old seasons on HBO within that free trial period? With 67 episodes already out, roughly around an hour each, there's a lot of viewing to do. They're all available on HBO.

Rather go for something with a little less commitment? You can also watch GoT on these streaming services:

- Google Play - $2.99 an episode / $19.99 per season
- iTunes - £19.99 per season
- Amazon Prime - $3.99 per episode / $19.99 per season

Game of Thrones in the UK

How to watch Game of Thrones online in Canada

Fans in Canada are in luck as Crave will not only be showing the entirety of the new season, but also has all of the old episodes ready to watch right now. 

You can pay for Crave on a monthly basis or get an annual subscription. Unlike HBO, Crave doesn't seem to do trials but if you do pay for a subscription, they will throw in one free month.

Prices vary for Crave but you can get packages including HBO from around $20 for the month.

Planning on buying not streaming? Canadian fans can buy episodes from either iTunes or go through Google Play

How to watch Game of thrones online

How to watch Game of Thrones in the UK

If you're in the UK you get two different options when it comes to watching the show: either through Sky Atlantic or via a Now TV Entertainment Pass.  

Both services will be showing season 8 in its entirety so you have choices when it comes to where you want to watch it. The even better news is that as of March 1 you will be able to watch all of the previous 7 seasons on both services - happy binge watching!

We all know that Sky can be expensive, so be sure to check out our dedicated Sky TV deals and packages guide to make sure you're getting today's best prices and offers.

And if you're out of the country and still want to watch shows from your Sky or Now subscriptions, then you'll need to download and install a VPN as described above.

Don't want to commit to a subscription with Sky or NowTV? You can also download all of the episodes on Amazon Prime, Google Play and iTunes.

got watch online

How to watch Game of Thrones in Australia

If you're watching in Australia then your one-stop shop option will be Foxtel.

Like all of the streaming services above, you will have to pay to get a subscription to Foxtel. There are a host of different packages available so you can choose what you want to spend. 

But also like a lot of the options above, Foxtel allows you to watch all of the old seasons to make sure you're all caught up when the time comes. 

If streaming sounds a bit too much for you then maybe consider buying the episodes instead? You can also watch the show on Google Play and through iTunes 

How to watch Game of Thrones in New Zealand

For those in New Zealand the place to go is SoHo. The Sky premium entertainment channel will be the place to find both season 8 and all of the old episodes for catch up.

Unfortunately SoHo doesn't do trial subscriptions. So if you don't already have it you'll have to dive on in on a TV package or upgrade your current one to a plan with SoHo.

Packages including SoHo start as low as $24.91 a month and go up from there depending on how much you decide to include.