Here's how much Mulan will cost on Disney Plus in Australia and NZ

Disney's Mulan
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By now you've likely heard that the upcoming live-action Mulan will be skipping its theatrical release entirely to debut on Disney Plus on Friday September 4, and that users will have to pay a one-off premium on top of the service's monthly subscription fee.

At the announcement, Disney CEO Bob Chapek only revealed a US price point of $29.99 to rent Mulan, which works out to be around AU$42 / NZ$46 by direct conversion. 

You can order Mulan on Disney Plus here

Thankfully, Aussies and Kiwis won't actually be paying that much to watch the film, as we can now confirm that a 'Premiere Access' pass to watch Mulan will officially cost AU$34.99 and NZ$39.99 respectively, which is a fair bit cheaper than what US subscribers will have to pay.

What is Premiere Access?

According to the Disney Plus help page, Premiere Access to Mulan will be available from September 4 and will be granted to subscribers that pay a one-off fee of AU$34.99 / NZ$39.99. 

Users who purchase Premiere Access to Mulan will be able to watch the film as many times as they wish on any device they choose, and will be able to do so as long as they hold an active Disney Plus subscription.

As stated above, you will need an active Disney Plus subscription in order to purchase Premiere Access, with subscriptions costing either AU$8.99 / NZ$9.99 per month, or AU$89.99 / NZ$99.99 if you pay up front for a full year. 

That means the minimum cost to watch Mulan on Disney Plus is AU$43.98 / NZ$49.98 with a month-to-month subscription. If you aren't already a Disney Plus subscriber, you can sign up to the service below at any time between now and when Mulan arrives on September 4.

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