Disney Plus delays the start of its Marvel TV shows

(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Disney has confirmed that The Falcon and Winter Soldier won't make its original August 2020 release date, with no new launch date announced. It had long been anticipated that the Marvel TV shows coming to Disney Plus were going to be delayed by the global health crisis, but it was made official when the series wasn't included in the list of content arriving on the streaming service in August. 

According to a report on EW, the hope is to reveal a new release date for the show soon. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was a few weeks off finishing filming when production shut down in Prague as the health crisis escalated.

It's unclear if other shows will be affected, like the upcoming WandaVision, which still has some filming to do, according to an interview with actress Kathryn Hahn last month.

That show, though, is further off, with a release date currently set for December 2020. Sandwiched between the two is the return of Star Wars series The Mandalorian season 2, which did finish filming before all of the shutdowns began, and will release in October.

Which other Marvel shows are in the works?

Last week, THR reported that directors had been hired for the upcoming Hawkeye TV show. That's actually the fourth live-action series in line to come to Disney Plus, after The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, WandaVision and Loki. Hawkeye is expected to arrive later in 2021.

After that, two more shows are in the works: She-Hulk and Moon Knight, neither of which have release dates yet. Both have hired writers, though, and we'd expect to see those series arrive in 2022, if you can even think that far ahead.

It's unclear if Marvel will look to make second seasons of its TV shows, but here's hoping. For a lot of people, this is the real reason they signed up to the streaming service. 

Samuel Roberts

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