GTA 6 speculation addressed by Take Two

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Rumors have been circulating for years now that GTA 6 is in development at Rockstar Games. However, without confirmation from the developer that the game is actually in the works, there's been a lot of speculation about the highly-anticipated new GTA entry.

Unfortunately, Rockstar Games' parent company, Take-Two Interactive, is remaining tight-lipped about the prospect of GTA 6 and when we could get our hands on it.

When asked by an eager investor about GTA, during the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference last week (via Comic Book), Take-Two's CEO, Strauss Zelnick reiterated that GTA 6 hasn't been confirmed and that he wouldn't be the one to spill the beans on it.

"Right, so, Rockstar hasn’t announced any new titles for the market and when there’s an announcement to be made it’ll come from Rockstar, so I’ll probably leave you there and I don’t think you would have expected anything else,” Zelnick responded.

It's not exactly what we wanted to hear, but it does mean that we can expect Rockstar Games to make its own GTA 6 announcement when the time comes - rather than the game being announced to investors during one of these meetings.

Rumors galore


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While GTA 6 hasn't been officially confirmed, it would make sense for Rockstar Games to be thinking of the future when it comes to the GTA franchise. After all, it's been nearly eight years since GTA 5 launched and the series has thrived in that time, which makes a full-blown new Grand Theft Auto game feel inevitable, even if GTA Online is still huge.

While all rumors around GTA 6 are to be taken with a truck of salt, the basis of GTA 6 being in development is there. Back in 2020, a Kotaku report claimed that GTA 6, or at least "a new entry in the Grand Theft Auto series," was in early development as of April 2020, and since then the rumor mill has been in full swing.

With GTA 5 coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X later this year, it's unlikely we'll get GTA 6 anytime soon. A report by VentureBeat, highlighting Take-Two's 10-K SEC filing showed that the company expects to spend $89 million on marketing between April 2023, and the end of March 2024, suggesting that could be the window we will see the new GTA in. But again, this isn't definite and could be for another unannounced project.

We will likely have to wait until Rockstar Games officially announces GTA 6 for any solid information - let's just hope it's sooner rather than later.

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