Grand Theft Auto publisher has 93 games in the works – is GTA 6 one of them?

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Grand Theft Auto publisher, Take-Two Interactive, has revealed it has 93 "full game releases" planned for the next five years – and we're hoping GTA 6 is one of them.

During a recent earnings call (via GamesRadar), Take-Two president Karl Slatoff said that this line-up is the strongest in the company's history, but what can we expect? Well, according to Slatoff, 63 of these games are "core gaming experiences", 17 will be "mid-core or arcade" and 13 are casual games. 

However, out of these 93 games, 21 will be exclusively mobile titles - with the other 72 landing on PC, consoles and streaming platforms. But, perhaps the most interesting stat from this meeting is that half of this games line-up are from existing IPs. Suggesting we could be seeing GTA 6 in that five-year window, with the highly-anticipated next GTA falling into that "core gaming experiences" category.

"This is a larger pipeline than we've had before, we've been talking about this for quite some time. Our expectation is that we'd like to keep up this velocity," Slatoff said. "It's really important for us to build scale, and this is one way that we're doing it. We need more at-bats."

CEO Strauss Zelnick explained that the publisher plans to smooth out its financial results with "a handful or greater of new significant releases every year". And it looks like the company believes it may have some big successes in the pipeline.

"With our strong catalog, with our live service offerings, and with our annual releases, we can have great strength, even in a light year, even though it's not our goal to have a light year, and then do even better in the year when we're able to launch a number of titles, which is our strategy, and even better than that if we're fortunate enough to have a blockbuster title. And we have some of those as well," Zelnick said.

GTA in the next five years is likely

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Neither Rockstar Games nor Take-Two Interactive has confirmed that GTA 6 is in the works but five years is a long time. While we're hoping to see the next GTA in the next year or two, considering the rumored size of the game, we could be waiting longer. 

While Take-Two didn't specifically mention GTA 6 during the earnings call, we can assume that it will be in that line-up of upcoming games. In addition, the fact that we're going to see games from existing Take-Two IPs fuels rumors that we may see Bully 2 in the future.

But that's just from Rockstar Games, Take-Two is the parent company of developers such as Private Division and 2K Games. While we know may of these exisiting IP games will likely be 2K Sports titles like the NBA series, and that a new BioShock is on the way, we could also see sequels to the likes of L.A. Noire and Civilization. But that could be wishful thinking.

For now, we're hoping it's not long until we hear more about Take-Two's plans, and to finally get confirmation that GTA 6 is on the way.

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