GoPro Hero5 Session just became a way better 4K GoPro

GoPro has issued a software update for the Hero5 Black and Hero5 Sessions and introduced a pair of new accessories.

Hero5 Sessions users can now record 4K video at a more cinematic 24fps speed, whereas previously, the camera was limited to 30p. The software update also enables all field-of-view options while recording at 1080/48p on GoPro’s smaller action camera.

The GoPro Hero5 Black  on the other hand gets a less substantial update that enables users to extract photos from a multi-shot burst and tweak more shutter settings in ProTune.

Both cameras also now support additional languages including Korean, Russian, and Portuguese.

New accessories

Alongside the software update, GoPro has also announced two new accessories to help you get even more stabilized footage with its action cameras.

Starting off with the Karma Grip Extension Cable, the name pretty much explains everything. It’s a coiled extension cable that allows you to separate the GoPro’s three-axis gimbal from the Karma Grip, making it far more convenient to mount the stabilized action camera to the top of a snowboarding helmet or onto a pair of bike handlebars.

With the gimbal attached to the battery Grip, we were limited capturing stabilized footage with handheld shots or clipping the whole thing to our bag straps.

The coiled cable extends up to 35-inch (89cm), which makes it easy enough to attach the camera to a piece of gear and stow the battery grip in a bag or our pockets.

Secondly, GoPro is introducing the El Grande that’s basically a jumbo sized selfie stick. The collapsible pole comes in a portable 15-inch package and extends all the way to 38-inches (97cm).

Although, the action camera company already has a solution called the 3-Way, the El Grande offers more than a foot of extra reach for getting yourself and everything in the shot. Alternatively, the extra bit of height means you can attach it to your bag and have it record further away from your shoulder and head.

The GoPro Karma Grip Extender and El Grande will be available starting on April 9, for $99 (about £80, AU$130) and $59 (about £50, AU$80), respectively.

Kevin Lee

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