Google Pixel 3a has been discontinued - does this mean the Pixel 4a release is near?

Google Pixel 3a XL and 3a
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The Google Pixel 3a was one of the most pleasantly surprising smartphones of 2019, as no one was expecting the company to release an affordable version of its Pixel 3 handset, but a year on and the anticipated Google Pixel 4a has yet to materialize.

People who are in the market for a great cheap phone might be alarmed to learn, then, that the Google Pixel 3a has been discontinued by the company, so people who want a good affordable phone will soon have to look elsewhere. Google confirmed this in a statement to Android Police.

For the time being, retailers with stock will continue to sell the Pixel 3a, but when the devices have sold out you'll only be able to buy them second-hand. At the time of writing the Google Store has units available in the UK, but not the US.

Once the phones sell out, people looking for a great affordable handset will have to look elsewhere, perhaps at the iPhone SE (2020), Xiaomi Mi Note 10 or phones in the Samsung Galaxy A series - that is, unless Google launches the Pixel 4a very soon.

Bring on the Pixel 4a

Most of the time, when smartphones are discontinued, it happens at the same time as a newer version is launched. The Samsung Galaxy S10 was discontinued on the day of the Galaxy S20 launch, the iPhone XR was dropped by Apple at the iPhone 11 launch event, and so on. Sometimes, though, the phones stop being sold just before, as is often the case with OnePlus phones.

The Google Pixel 3a discontinuation, then, could suggest the Pixel 4a is right around the corner. Rumors have generally been pointing to a July release date (although some suggest it will be unveiled towards the end of the year alongside the Pixel 5), and suffice to say it's July right now.

It seems very likely, then, that the Pixel 3a's demise heralds the arrival of the Google Pixel 4a, so if you're in the market for a new affordable device, you might not have long to wait.

Saying that, there are still Pixel 3a units available from certain retailers - we'll list prices in your region below:

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