Google makes it easier to share photos, notes and more with family members

(Image credit: Google)

Because constantly swapping passwords and usernames can be a pain (if not also a security risk), Google is adding new ways for families to share information with one another while staying logged-on to their own private Google Accounts.

Starting today, Google is rolling out ways to include family members when you use Google Photos, Google Keep and Google Calendar.

For example: family sharing on Google Photos now lets users send out their latest pics and videos to their kin in just a few taps, rather than having to share the photos individually every time you want to update your vacation albums.

In Google Keep, users can choose from their collected reminders and notes and share them with the whole fam at once, even allowing for collaboration like a shared grocery list or directions for an upcoming event.

Speaking of events, Google Calendar's family update creates a shared schedule covering the goings-on of everyone in your household. Each member can add, edit, or consult the day's agenda, helping you remember when it's your turn to cook dinner, when the kids need to be picked up, or if you have band practice that weekend.

How can I get all this?

Google's newest family sharing features are rolling out now in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Spain, UK and the US. 

Up to six Google Accounts can be merged under a single family umbrella, allowing shared access to other services like Google Play apps, Google Play Music, Family Link and YouTube TV

You can learn more about setting up a family account for Google services by visiting Google's dedicated page. If nothing else, it sure beats having to text your folks your Hulu password every single time they want to watch Seinfeld.

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