Google Play Music family plan officially matches Apple Music

Google Play Music All Access

Update: Google has just confirmed a Play Music family plan during its San Francisco event.

Starting a little later this year, there will be an option to subscribe to Google Play Music for $14.99/month for six people.

The sharing allows members to listen across Nexus devices without interrupting anyone's listening experience.

Original story below...

A new report claims that Google Play Music may end up playing catch up with the likes of Apple Music and Spotify by introducing a family plan.

Currently, Google doesn't offer any family plan or sharing options for its Play Music All Access streaming service, meaning everyone in your household needs to pay a monthly fee if Play Music is your music streaming service of choice.

But a report from Android Police says that Google could end up revealing a family plan option that will make it a much more competitive option for families.

Streaming comparison

According to the report, during the search giant's Nexus event tomorrow, where the company is expected to unveil new Nexus handsets and a new Chromecast, a family plan that costs $14.99 per month will also be announced for Play Music All Access.

The price will put it directly in line with the current Apple Music family plan offering, and will give access to 6 members for the one price.

In comparison, Spotify will end up being the pricier option, as it's plan only offers it to two member for $14.99, increasing to $29.99 for 5 members.

Adding a family option wouldn't be a surprising move from Google, but with only a day left until it's event, we'll just wait until we hear directly from the horses mouth before making plans to sign up.