Google isn't planning a beta test for its Stadia gaming service

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The November launch for Google Stadia is approaching fast, and you can already pre-order access to the cloud gaming service – but you won't be able to sign up for a beta test, because there isn't going to be one.

Speaking to GamesRadar+, Google's vice president and head of Stadia Phil Harrison ruled out the possibility of launching a beta version of the service, beyond the Project Stream tests that have already happened.

"We are not going to do another test in the UK or Europe," says Harrison. "If we had time we probably would have done so, but we don't need to."

In other words, you won't be able to try before you buy – you'll just have to trust that Stadia is going to work on your internet connection and hardware when you stump up the cash. There is at least a free tier to take advantage of, after the initial purchase of the controller and Chromecast.

More Stadia tidbits

The GamesRadar+ reveal comes from the latest in a series of interviews that Harrison is doing with the gaming press. Yesterday we heard how games on Stadia are likely to cost the same as they do on a console.

For a $10/£9 monthly fee, you're going to be able to get access to a selection of games as part of your subscription, and in 4K as well – but certain top-tier titles are going to cost you extra. The free version, with lower resolutions, launches next year.

The only way to get into Google Stadia at the moment is to pre-order the Founder's Edition for $129/£119 direct from Google. As yet there don't appear to be any plans to launch the gaming service in Australia.

In a separate interview, Harrison says he expects broadband data caps in the US to increase or disappear altogether so that Stadia gamers can stream interrupted. He also confirmed if games were pulled from the Stadia library, they'd still be available to those who had purchased them.

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