Get £240 off Samsung’s monster 49-inch ultra-wide gaming monitor

Samsung CHG90
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Maybe you’ve been thinking of going ultra-wide with your next monitor, and you fancy a really big screen to boot? In that case, this 49-inch Samsung monitor could be ideal – particularly given that it currently has almost a quarter knocked off the asking price at Amazon.

Amazon normally sells Samsung’s CHG90 QLED Gaming Monitor at £999.99, but you can currently grab it for £759.99. So yes, that’s still far from cheap, but it represents a major discount, and a high quality 49-inch monitor is never going to be all that affordable, let’s face it.

For the money, you get a 49-inch curved HDR screen with a resolution of 3,840 x 1,080 – so yes, that means you’re getting an ultra-wide aspect ratio of 32:9. And this means that not only can you pull off the usual ultra-wide tricks like getting a wider field of view in shooters, for example, you can even have the monitor act as two distinct 16:9 (normal widescreen) Full HD displays. Like having two monitors side-by-side, in other words, which is obviously great for productivity in general Windows usage.

In our review, we called this screen the “most impressively flexible gaming monitor” we’ve ever seen, and the main drawbacks are its sheer size – you’ll need a fair amount of space on your desk for this behemoth, of course – and its price.

And at least on the latter score, this deal makes the Samsung CHG90 a whole lot more affordable.

Samsung CHG90 QLED Gaming Monitor £999.99 £759.99 at Amazon

Samsung CHG90 QLED Gaming Monitor £999.99 £759.99 at Amazon
The Samsung LC49HG90DMUXEN boasts a refresh rate of 144Hz for smooth gaming – which is faster than rival large-screen panels – not to mention a response time of 1ms. You’re getting £240 off with this 24% discount.

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