The best cheap gaming monitor deals in March 2024

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We've rounded up the best cheap gaming monitor deals available right now, so you get a top-quality display for your gaming rig at a fantastic price. We've included some of our favorite budget-friendly and value-for-money gaming monitors below. So, scroll down for our top picks featuring a range of different screen sizes and manufacturers.

There are options if you want a high-end monitor that can output in 4K resolution or would prefer a display with a fast refresh rate to give you the most responsive gaming experience. We've also considered many other specs and features, too, including G-Sync or AMD FreeSync support, curved or ultrawide screens, and more. And while they may be cheap, they can still be some of the best gaming monitors you can buy today.

If you need more gaming tech, you can always check out the latest cheap gaming laptop deals available now. We've also got hubs you can browse through with our favourite cheap gaming keyboards, cheap gaming mice and cheap gaming headsets. Then, you can assemble everything on top of one of these cheap gaming desks.

The best cheap gaming monitor deals

Asus VP228HE

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1. Asus VP228HE

The best cheap gaming monitor

Screen size: 21.5-inch | Aspect ratio: 16:9 | Resolution: 1920 x 1080 | Refresh rate: 60Hz | Response time: 1ms | Viewing angle: 90°(H)/65°(V) | FreeSync: No | G-sync: No

Good value for money
Extra gaming features
Menus can be pretty confusing

So you're looking for the cheapest of our cheap gaming monitor deals but you don't want to skimp on the specs? The Asus VP228HE is meeting you right there. You're getting a fantastic display quality, with bright color contrast and vivid picture worthy of a much higher price tag. Sure, that 60Hz refresh rate might put a high-octane user off, but there's Asus's own Flicker-Free tech built into this particular cheap gaming monitor, along with a 1ms response time, keeping everything zipping along nicely. 

The Game display profile enhances darker regions of the screen while leaving light sections alone, meaning more visibility for you in game without washing out the rest of the picture. There are plenty of use-specific display modes to choose from, and though navigating the user interface can be a little cumbersome, for under $100 / £100 you're picking up an excellent display with a load of extra features you just won't find with other models at this price point. 

Asus VP28UQG

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2. Asus VP28UQG

Best cheap 4K gaming monitor

Screen size: 28-inch | Aspect ratio: 16:9 | Resolution: 3840 x 2160 | Refresh rate: 60Hz | Response time: 1ms | Panel type: TN | Viewing angle: 170°(H) / 160°(V) | FreeSync: Yes | G-Sync: Yes

4K for a great price
Larger display
FreeSync and G-Sync support
60Hz refresh rate - but that is on a 4K screen

You'll struggle to find a 4K gaming monitor worth running such resolution on cheaper than this Asus model. You're getting fantastic value for money, with an impressive display quality working beautifully in tandem with some of Asus' best gaming features. Color clarity and the process of highlighting darker shadows during gameplay has always been a big draw to Asus' line of cheap gaming monitors, but in 4K everything shines tenfold. Plus, you're picking up a FreeSync and G-Sync compatible screen here - a valuable bonus feature. 

Not only that but the Asus VP28UQC also features eye-strain easing technology like a flicker-free display panel and a blue light filter that is easily configurable from within your display settings. If you're looking for a cheap gaming monitor deal, you'll find few else that punch quite so high above their weight. 

BenQ EX2510

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3. BenQ EX2510

The best cheap gaming monitor for PS5 / Xbox Series X

Screen size: 24.5-inch | Aspect ratio: 16:9 | Resolution: 1920 x 1080 | HDR: HDR10 | Refresh rate: 144Hz | Response time: 1ms | Panel type: IPS | Viewing angle: 178°(H) / 178°(V) | FreeSync: Yes | G-Sync: No

Perfect for PS5 and Xbox Series X at 1080p
Excellent color and picture quality
Fast response times
A little small - but that does benefit image quality here

The perfect next-gen console monitor offers HDMI 2.1 with 4K resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate. Unfortunately, the perfect next-gen console monitor doesn't exist - yet. While brands are developing their HDMI 2.1 displays, however, the BenQ EX2510 offers the next best thing for those not looking to break the bank before the big guns are released. 

4K monitors with a 120Hz refresh rate will still cost you a pretty penny, and as it stands today, the PS5 doesn't support native 1440p resolution (running a 1080p output on a 1440p display can also open you up to a whole host of new issues as well). While the BenQ does come in a smaller display size, then, that sacrifice in real estate will offer a boost in picture quality at 1080p then. 

You're getting strong colors and overall image here, and with a 400-nit brightness you'll certainly be able to see your new games. 

LG UltraGear 24GL600F

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4. LG UltraGear 24GL600F

The best cheap gaming monitor for 144Hz

Screen size: 24-inch | Aspect ratio: 16:9 | Resolution: 1920 x 1080 | Refresh rate: 144Hz | Response time: 1ms | Panel type: TN | Viewing angle: 170°(H) / 160°(V) | FreeSync: Yes | G-Sync: No

Excellent price for 144Hz refresh rate
Low input lag
Excellent motion handling
TN panel makes for limited viewing angles

If you're looking for a super cheap, super fast monitor, the LG UltraGear might be perfect. While you are dropping some flexibility in tilt or viewing angles here, you'll be hard pressed to find a 144Hz refresh rate for a lower price. Add a 1ms response time and you've got yourself a speedy display. There's a TN panel on here, which will degrade your overall image quality a little in darker rooms, but if you're planning on playing in brighter environments, the LG won't be beaten for speed or value. 

Alienware AW2521HF

(Image credit: Alienware)

5. Alienware AW2521HF

The best cheap gaming monitor with G-Sync

Screen size: 24.5-inch | Aspect ratio: 16:9 | Resolution: 1920 x 1080 | Refresh rate: 240Hz | Response time: 1ms | Panel type: IPS | Viewing angle: 178°(H) / 178°(V) | FreeSync: Yes | G-Sync: Yes

An excellent price for Nvidia G-Sync compatibility
Lightning fast 240Hz refresh rate
Fantastic reflection handling
Smaller screen size

If you're working with a smaller space this 25-inch Alienware monitor might be perfectly suited to your high speed gaming needs. A 240Hz refresh rate makes this an exceedingly smooth experience - aided by having both AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync under the hood for even better motion handling. On top of its speed, though, you're also getting an excellent 1080p IPS panel on here. 

That resolution is a little lower than more expensive monitors might be reaching for, but on a smaller display you're still getting a stunning picture quality and even an anti-glare coating that will serve you well in a range of environments as well. Picking all of that up for under $400 / £350 is an excellent deal, and you'll usually find it even cheaper as well. 


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6. AOC C32G2

The best cheap curved gaming monitor

Screen size: 32-inch | Aspect ratio: 16:9 | Resolution: 1920 x 1080 | Refresh rate: 165Hz | Response time: 1ms | Panel type: VA | Viewing angle: 178°(H) / 178°(V) | FreeSync: Yes | G-Sync: No

32-inches for a stunning price
Speedy 165Hz refresh rate
Excellent picture quality

If you're a firm believer in curved gaming monitors, the AOC C32G2 offers an excellent budget display that still carries plenty of the features you'll likely find in more expensive models. With a stunning 165Hz refresh rate, the AOC will serve up an incredibly smooth image, especially with AMD FreeSync enabled. Plus, you're still getting a full 178 / 178 range of viewing angles here as well. 

Overdrive mode puts a stop to most of the ghosting you might find on first load, and you may also need to fiddle around with the settings to source the best configurations for your games and environment. Once it's all set up, though, you'll be thankful you didn't spring for a far more expensive curved gaming monitor. 

At its core, this is a high-quality gaming monitor at a low low price tag. While that may mean a little extra TLC required to get it set up properly, a larger screen size will not only make for more immersive gaming, but you'll also find benefits to productivity as well - with plenty of space for multi-tasking on that vast panel. That makes this an excellent all-rounder, perfect if you're looking to easily switch from working to playing from home. 

Cheap gaming monitor deals: what to look out for

In your quest for a cheap gaming monitor, you're probably already eagle-eyed to obvious specs; size, resolution, and extra features for example. However, there are two more factors that those looking specifically for a cheap gaming monitor will want to take into account when shopping gaming monitor sales - refresh rates and response times. 

Essentially, both of these factors work to keep your monitor updated with as many images as possible as quickly as possible. The response time dictates how long it takes for a pixel to change color onscreen and the refresh rate suggests how many images will be displayed in the space of a second. When it comes to twitch reflexes and muscle memory, you'll want to pick up the smallest response time and the largest refresh rate possible in any cheap gaming monitor deals you come across.

That said, there's no point picking up a cheap gaming monitor with a 144Hz refresh rate if your GPU can't output to that speed. Check the maximum refresh rate on your particular graphics system to make sure you'll be able to make the most of a high-spec display. If not, it may be worth it to future-proof your purchase, however. 

Plenty of cheap gaming monitors now also come with speedy 1ms response times, which would be the optimal speed for a display of this price point. 

How much do cheap gaming monitors cost?

You can pay anything from $50 to $1,500 for a gaming monitor these days, but if you're looking for workable specs that matter, with some FreeSync flavor in there for style, you'll be able to easily find cheap gaming monitor deals for under $200 / £200. If you're looking for higher resolution displays like a QHD or 4K panel, you're looking more in the $250 / £250 region. 

Which monitors are best for gaming?

Cheap gaming monitors tend to offer different specifications to everyday displays for work or web browsing, or even more creative industrial projects that require finely nuanced color balance. While you're going to be more interested in a lower response time and faster refresh rate to make sure you're not missing a single second of the action, a good gaming monitor also handles darker colors with ease without amping up the exposure of the brighter hues. 

Plus, because of the high octane action that often occurs on a gaming monitor's screen, tearing and ghosting are factors to take into account when shopping cheap gaming monitor deals as well. The best gaming monitors will offer FreeSync, or even G-Sync, support to match framerates with a GPU's output and avoid stuttering effects entirely. 

Is a gaming monitor better than a TV?

Whether you're looking to connect your next-gen console to a smaller screen, or you're wondering whether to grab a cheap 4K TV for your PC, there are a few differences between monitors and televisions that should be noted when it comes to gaming.

In short, gaming monitors are far better suited to desktop use than TVs - not least because 4K TV sizes tend to begin at 43-inches and will offer lower resolutions that make up-close viewing particularly nauseating. 

Monitors offer lower input lag and faster response times than TVs. If you want tournament-grade precision and speed in your Overwatch bouts, then, you'll find a gaming monitor deal is far better suited. 

Not only that, but gaming monitors generally have higher refresh rates than (most) TVs - which means you'll get a smoother experience overall as well. 

However, if you're not going to be running your setup from a gaming desk and you're after the biggest panel you can fit we'd recommend picking up an OLED TV deal for the best result. 

OLED displays will cost you significantly more than the average gaming monitor, but they have faster response times, excellent contrast ratios, and plenty offer 120Hz refresh rates as well. You won't find many OLED gaming monitors on the shelves right now, and the ones that are available are vastly more expensive than OLED TVs.

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