The best cheap gaming desk deals in June 2024

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You may not think it's possible to find a cheap gaming desk but the good news is that there's a massive range of gamer-oriented worktops available. The tricky part is finding one that's sturdy, durable, and offers plenty of desk space, but also has some additional gaming-focused features to sweeten the deal. That's why we've done the messy part for you and compiled this guide to the best cheap gaming desks available right now.

Take advantage of the right gaming desk deals and you could go home with an above-average item at a great price. And with more of us working from home these days, there's never been a better time to upgrade your setup with one of the best gaming desks at an affordable price.

Just below, you'll find all the latest cheap gaming desk sales in both the US and UK. Brands and models differ on each side of the Atlantic, so we've split our selections by region. The availability of models does change all the time, so you may find stock in your area as well for a product that was previously not sold there.

For those going a step further to refresh their entire gaming space, you can check out all the latest cheap gaming chairs and cheap gaming monitors available right now. We've also got loads of accessory guides that focus on cheap gaming headsets, cheap gaming keyboards, and a range of cheap gaming mice that are all reduced right now.

Cheap gaming desks in the US

Walker Edison Gamer Command Center

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Walker Edison Gamer Command Center

Best cheap gaming desk for smaller spaces

Width: 51-inch | Depth: 20-inch | Cable management: Cable runners in structure | Max weight: 100lbs (45kg)

Compact form factor for small spaces
PC stand
Keyboard tray
No cable management

With space for two smaller monitors and a CPU stand in the middle, that forgotten corner of your room can be transformed into a slick gaming hub. The L-shaped corner unit sits atop a steel frame with a tempered safety glass desktop. We'd recommend grabbing a mat for that surface, however, as not only will you be living in fear of scratches, but you'll get a significantly better grip as well. 

Underneath, you'll find a rollable keyboard tray allowing you to keep the top itself fairly clear. That's by necessity as well, as each desktop will only take 50lbs of weight. There's a stand in the corner for your CPU, though, so you'll likely be able to stay within this restriction fairly easily with a couple of monitors and accessories. 

Eureka Ergonomic I1

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Eureka Ergonomic I1

Best cheap gaming desk for cable management

Width: 43-inch / 47-inch / 60-inch | Depth: 24-inch | Cable management: power strip box + two cable grommets | Max weight: 150lbs (60kg)

3 size options
Plenty of cable management
Textured carbon fibre top
Not the best looking profile

There's the potential for a massive surface area with the Eureka E1, with size options ranging all the way up to 60-inches. However, if you're working with a smaller space, you'll also find a 43-inch option available as well. That desktop is lined with textured carbon fiber and offers a nice depth to match the excellent width options. 

You can fit plenty of tech on this top, then, but what about all those cables? The I1 also features a built-in power strip storage box and two cable grommets allowing for easy routing. 

The included large mouse mat reaches across the indented portion of the front and just up to the mobile device slot sitting in the center for each access to your tablet or smartphone. The whole thing is sturdy and solid - but unfortunately, that reliability does come at the cost of fairly bulky legs and unwieldy support feet. 

Waleaf Vitesse

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Waleaf Vitesse

Best cheap gaming desk for keeping accessories close by

Width: 44-inch / 55-inch / 63-inch | Depth: 23-inch | Cable management: NA | Max weight: 300lbs (136kg)

USB-charging ports onboard
3 size options
Cup and headphone holder

There are plenty of reasons to love the Waleaf Vitesse gaming desk. The fairly large size options offer plenty of desk space, and even more when you consider the included headphone hook and cup holder will free up more room up top for other accessories. You'll be able to keep all those accessories juiced up as well, with the inbuilt 4-port USB charger on board, and all your games and controllers will be close to hand courtesy of the additional rack as well. 

The mid-range 55-inch model offers enough space for two larger monitors while still keeping space down below for your desktop tower as well. If your current setup feels too cluttered, the extra features built in here might make for an excellent solution. 

Respawn 3010

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Respawn 3010

Best cheap gaming desk for adjustable height

Width: 42-inch | Depth: 23-inch | Cable management: Power strip box + cable routing | Max weight: 200lbs (90kg)

Adjustable height
Raised monitor shelf
Speaker shelves
Jumping up in price

If you're after a cheap gaming desk with easily adjustable height, the Respawn 3010 offers an excellent budget price tag considering the features on offer here. Pneumatic height adjustment in the legs allows for a profile of up to 43.8-inches, and on top of that, you're also getting a raised monitor shelf for a better eye-line as well. 

That monitor shelf frees up a considerable amount of this 42-inch desk space, and while that does feel a little small, the additional speaker shelves, cup holder, and headphone hook means you're getting plenty of room back for your keyboard and mouse here. The whole thing looks great, though, with limited cable management options, you'll need some creativity to keep it looking so clean. 

Arozzi Arena gaming desk

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Arozzi Arena gaming desk

The best cheap large gaming desk

Width: 63-inch | Depth: 32-inch | Cable management: Power strip box + cable routing | Max weight: 176lbs (80kg)

Massive desk space
Cable management

If you need plenty of space, the Arozzi Arena is the way to go. With a massive 63-inch top and a depth of 32-inches, you're getting a larger than average gaming desk here. It's not going to jut out too much, though, with ergonomic curves to keep everything comfortable and a simple, mouse-pad covered top. The microfibre material covers the entire desktop for an incredibly clean experience but is also machine washable for an easier life as well. 

You're getting great cable management here, with a power strip tidy built in and three cut-outs for trailing wires. You'll certainly need all that organization, though, as you'll be able to fit three monitors comfortably on this gaming desk, and with no headset hooks or extra shelving baked in, you'll need to spend some time getting all those wires in place. 

Cheap gaming desks in the UK

HOMCOM gaming desk

(Image credit: HOMCOM)

HOMCOM gaming desk

The best cheap gaming desk for players on a budget

Width: 47-inch | Depth: 25-inch | Cable management: Power strip box + cable routing | Max weight: 66lbs (29kg)

Great price
Cup holder and headphone hook
Sturdy design

The HOMCOM gaming desk is certainly cheap, coming in under £100. However, you're not skimping on some gaming-specific features here, with a headphone hook and cup holder included. The Z-shaped legs make for a sturdy frame, and two grommet holes will allow you to route cables and keep the top clear as well. Overall, this is a great cheap gaming desk, with some lighter gaming features and a large worktop itself. However, you'll find more RGB and storage-heavy options further down as well. 

Virtuoso Horizon gaming desk

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Virtuoso Horizon gaming desk

The best cheap gaming desk for extra storage

Width: 57-inch | Depth: 26-inch | Cable management: NA | Max weight: 132lbs (60kg)

Large desk space
Excellent storage options
PC tower shelves with extra ventilation
Considerable building time

The Virtuoso Horizon may look stocky, but there's plenty of flexibility in this heavy-duty gaming desk. With storage for just about everything, including left and right ventilated slots for your PC tower itself, you'll be keeping that expansive top clear - especially thanks to the rollable keyboard drawer as well. 

You'll find this option available in both red/black and blue/white, and there are plenty of extras to grab here as well. A split-level set of extra shelves can sit neatly towards the back of the desk, and an extra monitor shelf will also make for a better eye-line as well. As it stands, there's enough space for two smaller monitors to comfortably sit up top, as well as a range of compartments for headphones, speakers, and other accessories. 

Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S gaming desk

(Image credit: Eureka)

Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S gaming desk

Width: 44-inch | Depth: 24-inch | Cable management: two cable grommets | Max weight: 200lbs (90kg)

RGB lighting 
Built in storage 
Suitable for larger monitors

RGB fans will love the subtle LED panels along the left and right of the main worktop here, though the larger housing that encases them might feel a little restrictive for others. Nevertheless, you're getting a simple RGB system built straight into this cheap gaming desk - a feature we rarely see in this price range. 

The RGB isn't the only gaming-specific feature here, though. You'll also find a headset hook and cup holder around the sides of the desk itself, as well as a controller and game stand in the left-hand corner as well. 

Up top, there's a fairly deep worktop, with enough room to comfortably fit a larger monitor or a monitor stand and two grommet holes to keep you wire-free. Combine all those features with a durable Z-stand design and a large workspace, and you've got yourself an excellent gaming desk - especially if you're looking to load everything with RGB. 

Is a gaming desk worth it?

If you've already got a standard worktop, you might be wondering if you need to buy into the gaming features on these desks. It's true, a lot of the cable routing, headphone stands, cup holders, and RGB lighting options can be purchased separately and added to a standard work desk. However, if you don't want to pick all these items up by themselves and configure the setup yourself, it's worth grabbing an all-in-one package that does all the legwork for you. 

Plus, often, you'll be able to find a cheap gaming desk with all these features that cost significantly less than picking them all up individually - and you can ensure that everything is fully compatible with your setup and won't crowd your worktop too much. 

What to look for in a cheap gaming desk

There are a few things you should make sure you're getting when browsing the latest cheap gaming desks. We'd make sure you check out the max load weight, desk width, desk depth, cable management, and overall height of the worktop you choose. On top of that, you can expect to find a few extra features in these gaming desk sales, so it's worth keeping an eye out for split-level monitor stands, PC tower stands, and headphone hooks/cup holders as well. 

Max Load Weight
We wouldn't recommend dropping below a max load weight of 100lbs overall. That can easily be split across two worktops in the case of L-shaped corner units, but if you're going to be storing a gaming PC (high-end ones can easily exceed 60lbs with all that cooling tech), a couple of monitors and accessories you'll want to ensure you have a little weight left to spare and future proof yourself as well.

Desk Width
The average gaming desk width ranges from 40-inches to 55-inches, with larger models readily available at 60-inches and above. If you're looking to hold two 24-inch monitors without the use of brackets or mounting, we'd recommend sticking to a 50 / 55-inch frame but you'll be able to get away with a smaller worktop if you're willing to cram.

Desk depth
Gaming desk depth isn't so widely advertised as the width, but it's still important to make sure you're going to have room for your monitors, speakers and keyboard - especially if there's no keyboard tray or additional storage on the sides of the frame. You'll find regular gaming desk sales on 20 to 25-inch depths, which will suit most set ups fine.

Cable management
All that tech means a mess of wires and if there's anything that can ruin even the most efficient of set ups it's poor cable management. Grabbing a cheap gaming desk with built in cable routing can make all the difference - and save you some headaches and cash further down the line if you expand your rig. At the very least, aim to grab a desk with one or two grommets for feeding those wires through the worktop itself, but you'll also find handy power strip boxes available as well.

Desk height
If you've already got yourself a gaming chair, you'll want to make sure your new gaming desk sits at the right height not only for your eyeline but also for those pesky armrests. If you're going to be sitting here for longer gaming sessions, making sure you're comfortable and maintaining good posture can make all the difference. The perfect height is going to be different for everyone, but making sure that your elbows are in line with the height of the desk when sitting is the best place to start.

What size gaming desk do you need?

Your main concern when choosing a gaming desk size (assuming you've got all the space in the world to work with) should be your monitor set up. Whether you're flying solo with a single display or a curved monitor or stacking as many panels as you can, you'll find a gaming desk that can accommodate. It's easy to work this out - just make sure that your monitor sizes won't exceed your desktop, however, you'll find a range of comfortable setup dimensions just below.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Header Cell - Column 0 40 to 45-inch desk45 to 50-inch desk50 to 55-inch desk55 to 60-inch desk60 - 65-inch desk
Single set upSingle monitor up to 38-inchesSingle monitor up to 38-inchesSingle monitor up to 38-inchesSingle monitor up to 38-inchesSingle monitor up to 38-inches
Double set upDouble 22-inch monitorsDouble 22 / 24 inch monitorsDouble 22 / 24 / 27 inch monitorsDouble 22 / 24 / 27 inch monitorsDouble 22 / 24 / 27 / 32 inch monitors
Triple set up----Triple 22-inch monitors
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