The best cheap gaming chair deals in June 2023

Two cheap gaming chairs: the Secretlab Titan and Corsair T3 Rush side by side
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Buying a gaming chair can be expensive, which is why we've brought you all the best cheap gaming chair deals right now. Some of these can still rival the very best gaming chairs while costing less than the $500 / £500 price you often see for those premium options.

Right here, we've looked at seats that combine support, comfort, and gaming aesthetics for less. Some of the best office chairs may offer similar features but the racerback design draws many towards the bucket style of a gaming chair instead. 

Below, we've included gaming chairs that mostly retail for less than $300 / £300 / AU$500. That's a chunky sum but it's a good figure to aim for when considering a long-term investment in a quality but more affordable gaming chair.

There are many gaming chair sales throughout the year that bring prices down even further, so there's always a bargain to be found if you look in the right place. Once your chair is sorted, this may also be a good time to invest in a cheap gaming desk and cheap gaming monitor so you get the ultimate setup.

The best cheap gaming chair deals

Brazen Phantom Elite

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Brazen Phantom Elite

The best overall cheap gaming chair

Recline: 160 degrees | Weight capacity: 264lbs | Available colors: Blue, Yellow, Red, Pink | Upholstery: PU leather | Seat height: 110 - 120cm | Arm rests: 4D

Highly adjustable 
Steel frame
Could be easier to assemble 

The Brazen Phantom Elite is a cheap gaming chair that still includes a number of features you'd see on pricier seats. It's a full-sized gaming chair so you get the full length of back support we all like to see. It also has armrests that can swivel to accommodate a range of positions. A unique diamond pattern across the racing style back looks good, with quilted foam offering support alongside the adjustable lumbar support.

The materials used could be better but at this price, it's often half the price of other gaming chairs, making it a bargain. 

GT Omega Pro

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GT Omega Pro

The best budget gaming chair

Recline: 190 degrees | Weight capacity: 265lbs | Available colors: Black, White, Red, Blue, Purple, Orange | Upholstery: Leather | Arm rests: 4D

 Fully adjustable
 Made from alloy steel
 Height won't be ideal for everyone

The GT Omega Pro is a fully adjustable gaming chair at a great price. You can recline the back from 85 to 190 degrees with 4D adjustable and rotatable armrests. The height-adjustable gas spring cylinder could go further for some taller people, but that's about as far as flaws go here. For the most part, you get a comfy, 'body-hugging' design that feels good during extended sessions.

In terms of price, even when not on sale, the GT Omega Pro is good value for a gaming chair of this design.

GTPlayer gaming chair

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GT Player

The cheapest gaming chair worth buying

Recline: 150 degrees | Weight capacity: 300lbs | Available colors: Blue, Gray, Green, Red, White | Upholstery: PU leather

Wide range of colors available
Large weight capacity
Less recline

The GTPlayer is one of the cheapest gaming chairs around. Despite that, it has a comfortable seat cushion, 300lb weight capacity and up to 150-degree recline. Its armrests lack some adjustability as you can only move them up or down, but you do get a handy footrest.

The key compromise here is that the GTPlayer is so much cheaper than the alternatives out there. We could quibble about how it looks and some of the finer details, but at this price, it's still great.

SecretLab Titan

(Image credit: SecretLab)

Secretlab Titan

The best premium gaming chair

Recline: 165 degrees | Weight capacity: 290lbs | Available colors: Black, Cookies & Cream, Charcoal Blue | Upholstery: Fabric / leather | Seat height: 19.5 - 23 inches | Arm rests: 4D

Extremely comfortable
Durable leather
Cooling memory foam
Expensive when not on sale

The SecretLab Titan is right on the edge of our definition of a cheap gaming chair. It's not really cheap but it is often on sale so it's worth keeping an eye on.

There's a choice of either fabric or PU leather models with both offering 50cm seat depth along with cold cure memory foam cushioning. An in-built lumbar support cushion system reminds you why you've spent extra. Also, a detachable cooling memory foam head pillow is included while you get a 165-degree recline. 

Cheap it may not be, but if you can afford to seek out a SecretLab sale, you'll be delighted.

Corsair T3 Rush

(Image credit: Corsair)

Corsair T3 Rush

A cheap fabric gaming chair

Recline: 180 degrees | Weight capacity: 265lbs | Available colors: Charcoal / Gray / White | Upholstery: Fabric | Seat height: 17.5 - 21 inches | Arm rests: 4D

Excellent recline
Breathable, cooling fabric
Lumbar support doesn't attach to chair

Corsair's range of seats are regularly featured in gaming chair deals, which means you can often do even better than the $399 / £299 MSRP of this particular model. That's good news if you're after a comfortable, ergonomic chair that merely nods towards its gaming aesthetic. There's no colored lining here, and a simple fabric upholstery that would look just as good in a home office as it would on a Twitch stream. 

That upholstery is a breathable fabric that won't retain as much heat as a PU leather model, making for a cooler and softer overall experience. The headline here, though, is that 180 degree recline. If you've ever needed a quick nap while at your desk, this is the chair you'd want to be sleeping in. You'll achieve a fully horizontal position here, which is a rarity in the world of cheap gaming chairs. 

The T3 Rush is built with a slimmer profile, though, which means those with a larger frame might not find it so comfortable. Plus, that memory foam lumbar support cushion - while large - doesn't attach to the chair itself, which means those who tend to lean forwards might need to invest in a replacement to avoid it falling down during play sessions. 

Cheap gaming chair deals: FAQs

Got anything else you want to know about before buying a cheap gaming chair? We've answered the most common questions here, including where to find the best gaming chair sales, whether a gaming chair is a worthwhile investment and what makes them so expensive in the first place.

Where to find more cheap gaming chair sales

If you're after more cheap gaming chair sales, there are a number of retailers you should be keeping a close eye on. 



Are cheap gaming chairs worth it?

Cheap gaming chairs can provide the gamer aesthetic that many have fallen in love with since the DXRacer first brought the bucket into fashion. As you move up the price bracket, though, you can end up paying more for the brand emblazoned on the head cushion than the comfort you receive. You can find perfectly ergonomic chairs with plenty of adjustment options and deep cushioning for between $100 and $300 (£100 and £300), however some options just over this price bracket do still hold value in additional cooling options and high quality, breathable fabrics. 

All in all, then, cheap gaming chairs are absolutely worth it if you're looking for a more comfortable chair with the classic racer style. If, however, you're all about the ergonomics and don't care too much about the appearance you might find a better price on some of the best office chairs

Why are gaming chairs sometimes so expensive?

In the era of Twitch branding, even gaming chair sales can't disguise the fact that many seats are horribly overpriced. Usually, these chairs come from the bigger gaming brands who have moved for a push towards streaming advertisement through a logo stitched onto a headrest. That means gaming chairs can be expensive when a brand has taken on a life of its own through social media. In most cases, it will be easy to spot these chairs with a quick look at adjustment options, comfort levels, and cushioning support though.

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