Official: Sony PS3 Slim, 120GB, £250, September

PS3 Slim announced, launching in September for £250
PS3 Slim announced, launching in September for £250

It is, finally, official. Sony's PS3 Slim is out next month, with a 120GB hard drive and a £250 price tag.

"Today is the day we introduce the PS3 Slim, available in stores from the first week of September," said President and CEO of SCE Kaz Hirai.

Specs and size? The PS3 Slim will ship with a 120GB hard drive, as expected and is 32 per cent smaller, 36 per cent lighter, with 34 per cent less power consumption.

"The internal design architecture of the new PS3 system, from the main semiconductors and power supply unit to the cooling mechanism, has been completely redesigned, achieving a much slimmer and lighter body," Sony has announced.

Slim ps3

SLIM PS3 BREAKS COVER: Sony releases press pics of the old PS3 model against the new PS3 Slim

"Compared to the very first PS3 model with 60GB HDD, the internal volume as well as its thickness and weight are trimmed down to approximately two-thirds. Furthermore, power consumption is also cut to two-thirds, helping to reduce fan noise.

"While inheriting the sleek curved body design of the original model, the form factor of the new PS3 system features a new meticulous design with textured surface finish, giving an all new impression and a casual look. With the compact body and casual appearance, the newly introduced model will appeal to a wider audience who are looking to buy the best entertainment system for their home."

Tokyo motion

In other news, the much-hyped PS3 'Wand' Motion Controller will be shown off at the Tokyo Game Show next month - with Sony clearly having to hold something back for its legions of fans back home.

Kaz Hirai noted that while Tokyo will be about motion control, it was PlayStation 3's "shape and form" he was here to talk to us about today.

Sony considers the Cologne event to be the third major date on Sony's annual gaming calendar (following E3 in June and TGS in September).

"It brings the world media together with hundreds of thousands of consumers," Hirai said of the Cologne-based GamesCom event.

New features of the PS3 Slim include:

  • PS3 system software update version 3.00 - The PS3's system software will be upgraded to version 3.00 on September 1, with the new update adding various user-friendly features such as the "What's New" screen, where users can quickly browse the new items available in PlayStation Store as well as their recently played games directly on the XMB (XrossMediaBar), with short cuts to each piece of content.
  • Bravia Sync Feature - The new PS3 system is also equipped with the Bravia Sync feature - by connecting the new PS3 system and a Bravia TV with the HDMI cable, users are able to directly operate the XMB on PS3 using their TV remote control. .
  • A "Vertical Stand" for the new PS3 Slim - a separately sold "Vertical Stand" will allow users to set the PS3 Slim in a vertical position, making it easier to place the PS3 system anywhere at home (will become available in Japan on September 3, 2009, at a RRP of 2,000 yen (including tax) and in North America at US$24.)
  • The removal of "Install Other OS" feature - the new PS3 system will focus on delivering games and other entertainment content, and users will not be able to install other Operating Systems to the new PS3 system.

So, looks like that's it for Linux on the Slim PS3 then!

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Adam Hartley