Sony PS Vita Slim landing Down Under on June 4

PS Vita Slim
It might not look to different, but it'll feel different in the hand

Sony Australia has today announced that the PS Vita Slim will finally be available in Australia from June 4 for AU$269.95.

The Aussie price of under $300 does come as a bit of a surprise, as a direct price comparison of UK's launch price would have had the PS Vita Slim selling Down Under for about $50 more at around AU$320.

The redesigned model, which comes with "Wi-Fi" added to its name, touts a design that is 15% lighter and 20% thinner than the original PS Vita.

And while new Vita Slim looks very similar to the original front on, you will notice a slight difference in button design, though the placements are all still the same.

The OLED screen of the original has also been bumped down to an LCD for the Slim, which likely helps keeps the price point low.

Slim but stronger?

Along with Remote Play functionality, most of the innards and ports/slots are identical to the original PS Vita, however Vita Slim boasts a slightly longer battery life, pushing 4 to 6 hours of gameplay compared to the 3 to 5 hours of the older model.

You also get 1GB of internal memory to help things along, and with the same UI as the previous Vita model, you can always use your memory card that has all your saved games from the old PS Vita .

Another helpful addition is a micro-USB port, so you won't be stuck using a proprietary cable for charging or data backups.

  • The release is still a few weeks away, so in the meantime, you should check out our full PS Vita Slim review