Here at last - Nintendo unveils new DSi

Nintendo finally let us in on the new DSi

As promised, Nintendo came up with the goods today when it announced its new handheld a few minutes ago and it's calling the device the DSi.

Most of the predictions were on the money, with a 3-megapixel camera on the outside and another 0.3-megapixel number on the inside of the hinge joining a pair of screens that are slightly larger (3.25 inches) than on the current DS Lite.

SD cards in vogue

That camera on the outside of the case makes the DSi look a little like a phone when closed and comes with the usual software for messing with images a la Power Goo of yore.

Additionally, the whole package weighs a little less, at 214g (218g before – no biggie), and the GBA slot has vanished to be replaced by one for SD cards.

Mix it yourself

The projected music player comes in typical Nintendo form, with the ability to play MP3s from an SD card and a host of options for twiddling audio (which can be recorded via the built-in mic).

Looking at the online side of the equation, Nintendo also announced the DSi Shop, which seems at first glance to operate in a similar fashion to the Wii's 'net store, being based on points, with some software available free.

Japan first, of course

Lastly, with just black and white variations available at first, the Japan release date is just over a month away on 1 November and pricing there will be ¥18,900 (£100).

The rest of us will have to wait, but probably only a matter of weeks until early 2009. Check out Nintendo's Japanese site yourself for a brief overview video.

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