Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 still trouncing PS3

No one expected the Sony PlayStation 3 to sell so poorly

The Nintendo Wii is still by far the best selling new games console on the market. It's now selling more than four times as many units as the PlayStation 3 which continues to languish at the bottom of the pile.

Nintendo sold 360,000 Wii consoles worldwide last month, helped along by its unique controller and a relatively cheap retail price. In contrast, Sony managed to shift only 82,000 PS3 consoles in the same time period.

The PlayStation 3 continues to be an unattractive option for some, due to its high price and a perceived dearth of quality games.

The Xbox 360 continues to sit comfortably between the Wii and the PS3 in terms of month-on-month sales, shifting 174,000 consoles in April. That's twice as many as the PS3 and half as many as the Wii. The Xbox 360 has been spurred on by the launch of the new Xbox 360 Elite in the US. The console sports an HDMI connection, larger hard drive and a new black paint job.

PS3 is being whipped

April is traditionally a bad month for console and games sales, as the holiday season fades into the background. But this year April was actually a stronger month than March. Although figures were sill down from this time a year ago.

Microsoft still holds the overall lead in the next-gen console wars. It has sold more than twice as many Xbox 360s as Nintendo has Wiis, and four times as many as the PlayStation 3.

Yesterday, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guilemmot said that Sony has totally lost its grip on the console gaming market. It risks falling even lower unless it reduces the price of the PS3.

Sony's gaming arm lost £900m in the last financial year, and is projected to lose another £200m over the next 11 months.

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