Sony officially confirms PlayStation 2 retirement

Sony officially confirms PlayStation 2 retirement
The end of the road for the most popular console ever

Following reports that Sony had ceased distribution of the PS2 console in Japan, the company has confirmed that it has now stopped making the console.

The legendary entertainment system launched in 2000 and sold 150m units in its near 13-year lifespan, making it the most successful games console of all time.

Sony told The Guardian that it had ended production on the DVD-toting device around the world, meaning those units already in stores and in storage are the last new consoles left.

The PS2, which blew away competition from Sega and Nintendo in its heyday and continued to outsell the PlayStation 3, almost three years after the next generation system was launched, sold 1.52 billion games.

Bring on the PS4

Even though the console's popularity endures - with developers still supporting the console to this day - it seems like the right time for Sony to put the iconic console out to stud.

With the Japanese giant rumoured to be preparing the heavily-touted PlayStation 4 at some point during 2013, all eyed are focused on what's next rather than what has come before.

If the PS4, which may even make an appearance at the E3 expo this summer, performs half as well and boasts half the shelf life of it's grandfather then we're sure there'll be many smiling faces at Sony.

Are you sad to see the PS2 reach the end of its gaming journey? Will you continue to play? Which are the games you'll remember most fondly? Let us know in the comments section below.

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