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Sega MegaDrive reborn for cheapsies

The 'new' MegaDrive from Blaze
The 'new' MegaDrive from Blaze

Those of you looking for a spot of old school gaming fun (and want to do it in the comfort of your pants) will be able to zoom back in time with the release of a 'new' MegaDrive console from Blaze.

Following its popular handheld MegaDrive console, the TV version holds 15 old-school games and can be simply plugged into the TV with no need for set up (therefore very different to the original... who hasn't been through 'manual channel scan' hell among us?)

What's more, if you're an old school cartridge collector, this new box will play all your old games... looks like we'll be breaking out Micro Machines 2: Tournament Edition then.

Multiplayer fun

Due to launch in April, it will cost a shade under £40 with already showing a pre-order option for £38... and it even packs two controllers for multiplayer fun, although we're trying to find out if we can use our old 'turbo' pads to resurrect our retro-cool personas.

The games included, according to the online retailer, will be include Alex Kid, Alien Storm, Altered Beast, Arrow Flash, Bonanza Bros, Columns, Crack Down, Decap Attack, E Swat, Fatal Labyrinth, Flicky, Gain Ground, Golden Axe, Shadow Dancer, Sonic And Knuckles.

Head on over to Blaze's website to pre-register your interest in the new console, which is currently only listed as 'coming soon'.