New PS3 indicated by FCC documents

Could the PS3 Slim get even slimmer?
Could the PS3 Slim get even slimmer?

It seems that Sony still has some fat to trim from its PlayStation 3 Slim, as documents for a new system model pop up in a recent FCC filing.

The FCC document concerns a WLAN antenna for the CECH-4000 line of PS3 systems.

While the antenna itself doesn't appear to be particularly exciting, that model number holds more interest considering that the current PS3s are from the 2500 and 3000 series.

Specifically, the document refers to the CECH-4001x model, where the "X" will be replaced by a different letter on the final system to denote different hard drive capacities.

The documents also include a diagram depicting FCC label placement on the system's underside. The diagram shows a more rectangular system than the current model, with an off-center stand for the system to rest on.

While the diagram doesn't show scale measurements to determine the system's size, it does illustrate that the CECH-4001x model's chassis will at least have a different shape than the current Slim model.

The PS3's last hurrah

Hardware revisions are nothing new to videogame consoles. The PlayStation 3 already went through one significant model change with the PS3 Slim introduced in 2009.

When asked by Eurogamer at E3 whether a new PS3 model was coming, Sony's Shuhei Yoshida denied plans for redesigned hardware while adding that he should "never say never" to the idea.

What's more, Sony recently acquired game streaming service Gaikai, which is rumored to start showing up in the company's TVs and gaming systems.

However, current PS3 models would already be compatible with the service, so that alone would not require a hardware revision.

Speaking of rumors, there are plenty circling around Sony's next system, that is supposedly slated for release in 2013.

An official announcement of the remodeled PS3 could make its debut as early as the Gamescom conference in Germany this August.