Fortnite Chapter 2’s second season now has a launch date

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Epic Games has confirmed that the long first season of Fortnite Chapter 2 will soon be coming to an end.

In an official blog post, Epic stated that the second season of Fortnite Chapter 2 will begin on Thursday, February 20. We suppose 02.20.2020 is a pretty satisfying launch date for the second season of a second chapter, at least numerically. 

So far, there’s no information on what we can expect from this second season, as Epic has made sure to add some cheeky redactions to its announcement. 

New season, new physics engine

As well as revealing the launch date of season two, Epic also announced that Fortnite will be moving to a new physics engine: Unreal Engine’s Chaos system. 

The move will happen in early February with update 11.50 and Epic says its main goal at launch, “is to ensure that Fortnite still feels like Fortnite” which suggests that the change over shouldn’t make a game-changing amount of difference to what players experience. In order to keep things running smoothly, Epic has said it will be “starting tests with a small group of players”.

The final release date for season two has come after a couple of extensions to season one, first from December 2019 into early February 2020 and now, it seems, from early to late February. 

But things won't be quiet in the meantime; Epic has stated that in season one’s final days, players can expect some more overtime challenges as well as a yet-to-be-revealed “new two-week event” which should see the time fly by. 

There have been suggestions that the event could be some kind of Birds of Prey movie tie-in after Fortnite’s official Twitter channel responded to a Warner Bros tweet about the movie saying “see you soon Harley”, but this is yet to be officially confirmed. Given previous Star Wars and Marvel events, though, there's good precedent. 

February is fast approaching, though, so it’s likely we don’t have too long to wait to find out what the rest of the season has in store. 

Emma Boyle

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