FIFA 21 on PS5 sounds way more fun than the Xbox Series X version

FIFA 21 on PS5
(Image credit: EA Sports)

EA has outlined the next-gen upgrades for FIFA 21 on PS5 and Xbox Series X, and it’s fair to say that the PlayStation version has the edge.

The soccer sim is set to take full advantage of the PS5’s fabulous DualSense controller and I’m annoyed I’ll be stuck playing FIFA 21 on Xbox Series X because of it. 

In a post on the official PlayStation Blog, EA revealed that the DualSense's haptic feedback will respond to what happens on the pitch. Whether that’s making a last-ditch block to stop the opposition scoring, or hitting the woodwork after a 30-yard effort, you’ll feel these moments in the palm of your hand thanks to the controller’s new vibration technology. 

Interestingly, you’ll be able to tell which foot your player has struck the ball with on PS5. That means if you feel any vibration to the right of the controller when shooting as Arsenal’s Nicolas Pepe, the ball is bound to soar into the stands as he’s only got one foot: his left. The DualSense will help serve as a constant reminder, then, that paying £72m for a one-footed player was a catastrophic error by Arsenal. (Rant over.)

The adaptive triggers are also utilized in FIFA 21 to great effect, increasing in resistance as a player’s stamina drains. Pushing down on the R2 button as the adaptive triggers fight against you sounds like a subtle, yet immersive touch, and one that I’d love to experience first-hand.

Finally, there’s PS5 Activity Cards, which will let you jump into your favorite mode in seconds. If you fancy jumping straight into career mode or online seasons without selecting your language for the millionth time (seriously, EA, can we fix this?) you’ll be able to do so. 

Of course, if these features sound more like a hindrance, EA has assured players that you can turn them off if, for some reason, you hate fun. 

Own goal

As someone who has bought the Xbox Series X version, then, these unique features make me envious of the PlayStation version. I grabbed FIFA 21 before the PS5 came out, and it was mostly influenced by the fact the majority of my friends play on Xbox. 

But still, the PS5-exclusive features may sound like small touches, insignificant even, but the DualSense controller has already shown that it can have a transformative effect when gaming, and I’m hungry for more. Who cares if I don't have any friends to play with. 

The Xbox Series X controller, in comparison, only supports traditional rumble and has the standard analog triggers we're all accustomed to. It means developers can't control the intensity or the location of the pad's rumble, or change the resistance of the triggers. Maybe I'll double dip and buy FIFA again if any Black Friday PS5 deals appear...

FIFA 21’s next-gen upgrade arrives on December 4 for both PS5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. FIFA 21 on PC won't receive any upgrade, however, as EA has said its minimum spec for the game would change, locking “a lot of people out in the cold not being able to play the game.”

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