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F1 TV on Android and iPhone apps: how to get it and watch on your phone or tablet

F1 TV apps for Android and iPhone
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Watching thrilling F1 races is no longer limited to being trackside or having cable TV. Now you can find all the races at the tip of your fingertips thanks to F1 TV - and its apps for Android and iPhone.

The standalone service brings you more action, analysis and replays than you'll get from any other broadcaster. And - what's more - you can have access to all that Formula 1 goodness in your pocket at all times.

In this guide, we take you through what the F1 TV app is, its availability on Android and iPhone apps, and how you can live stream F1 races via the service.  

What is F1 TV?

F1 TV is Formula 1's official video streaming service, and it comes with two subscription plans. With the basic subscription, F1 TV Access (opens in new tab), you can view full race replays, highlights, F1’s historic race archives, and more. 

The advanced subscription, F1 TV Pro (opens in new tab), has everything from F1 TV Access and even better features, like live access to the track sessions for all the GPs and unedited team radio feeds. 

An excellent feature that both plans provide is access to the F1 onboard cameras. With this, you’ll be able to switch between the live feed and any of the cameras installed on the 20 cars. You can alternate between cameras even during race replays. 

F1 TV is available in over 100 countries, including the US, Argentina, France, and South Africa. But some, like the UK and Australia, aren't able to add Pro for live streaming races.

Is F1 TV on Android and iPhone apps?

Good news - F1 TV is indeed available both on Android and iOS apps. That means whatever your device, you'll be able to bring the thrills and spills of the Formula 1 season right to your smartphone or tablet. 

However, casting support for mobile and tablet apps will be launching later in 2021. Chromecast and Apple Airplay are presently only supported through PC web browsers.


(Image credit: F1 TV)
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How to install F1 TV on Android and iPhone apps

Installing F1 TV on Android and iOS devices is quite simple once you've signed up for an F1 TV subscription (opens in new tab).

On both devices, head to the respective app stores (App Store for iOS and Play Store for Android), search for F1 TV, and install it. Once downloaded, open the app and sign into your account. If you don’t yet have an account, click on Get Started and set up your subscription. 

What other devices can I watch F1 TV on?

Other than Android and iPhone apps on mobiles, F1 TV is available on browsers and tablets.

You can watch it on your PC through web browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, but F1 TV doesn't offer support for Opera, Samsung Internet, and UC Browser. You also can’t use your mobile or tablet browser to stream the service. 

To use the app on Android mobile and tablet, you must have Android OS 7 and above. On iPhone and iPad, you’ll have to run iOS 10 and above, and on an Amazon Fire tablet, you’ll have to be on OS 7 and above. Finally, on Roku devices, you’ll need 3900x and above. 

F1 TV for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV devices is still in the pipeline and will be rolled out later in 2021.

Like the sound of F1 TV? Head to the website now (opens in new tab), sign up and start watching! 

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