Disney Plus will serve up 4K and four streams for each account

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As that November 12 launch date gets closer, we're hearing more details about exactly how Disney Plus is going to work. Today's tidbit: sign up and you'll get access to four simultaneous streams, as well as 4K content.

That's for the base $7 subscription fee, according to CNET, which makes it a very appealing proposition: for four simultaneous streams and 4K on Netflix, you need to fork out $16 every month (though you might prefer Mindhunter to The Mandalorian).

The other option on the table is Disney Plus, ESPN Plus and Hulu for a total of $13 a month, but you only get two simultaneous ESPN Plus streams and one Hulu stream on top of the original Disney package.

If you need or want more pricing information make sure you check out our Disney Plus price guide.

Speaking to Disney executives, CNET says new episodes of its original series are going to come out weekly – we won't see the same drop of multiple episodes that we do on Netflix (and which causes all that binge watching).

The price is right?

Disney is of course going to want to work hard to tempt people to add a Disney Plus subscription on top of Netflix – or instead of Netflix – and it seems like aggressive pricing is going to be one way of doing that.

As Netflix has demonstrated, pricing can go up at any time, so Disney might see fit to tweak these price points once it's got enough people signed up. With Apple also launching a new TV and movie service this year, competition is hotting up.

It's actually the Disney fan expo, D23, this weekend, so expect some more Disney Plus news to appear on the wires – Disney has also confirmed that an Obi-Wan show is coming to the service, and has released the first trailer for The Mandalorian.

Some questions still remain though, including if and when the service is going to start rolling out outside of the US. We'll no doubt here more as the launch date approaches.

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