Apple Watch 5 may have been revealed thanks to a leaked photograph

The Apple Watch 4 (Image credit: TechRadar)

The Apple Watch 5 is likely to land in September and yet, unlike the iPhone 11 – which has leaked extensively - we haven’t seen much of it yet. But that might be starting to change, as a leaked photo may have given us our first real look at the wearable.

Uploaded on a currently private Instagram account and shared by SlashLeaks, the image shows a close-up of the screen of an Apple Watch, complete with information on the software and model, and it’s this that makes us think it might be the Apple Watch 5.

That’s because not only is it apparently running the not-yet-released watchOS 6, but, more importantly, it has the model number A2157, which isn’t attached to any current Apple Watch.

It is however a model number that was recently filed with the Eurasian Economic Commission, as spotted by MacRumors. Being filed there suggests that it’s a real model and coming soon, so this photo could be the real deal.

Looks familiar

Having said that, the image could easily have been altered, and if it is real it doesn’t give away much, as what we can see of the design looks a lot like the Apple Watch 4.

That’s not totally surprising though, as Apple changed up the look a bit for that model, so likely wouldn’t be making any major physical changes again this year.

Indeed, rumors so far point to the possibility of new ceramic and titanium casings, but are otherwise focused on software and less visible features, such as sleep tracking and a microLED display. So even if this image is fake, it might be close to how the Apple Watch 5 will look.

We should find out for sure soon, as the new wearable is likely to be announced alongside the iPhone 11 range, which is currently rumored to land on September 10.

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