Diablo 4 appears in new game art book listing ahead of expected BlizzCon reveal

Diablo 4
(Image credit: Blizzard)

Ready to descend into the demonic depths of dingy dungeons in search of legendary loot? Good – because it seems Diablo 4 is almost ready to go.

German magazine Game Star has found a listing for a new tome called The Art of Diablo, which contains “more than 500 artworks from Diablo 1, Diablo 2, Diablo 3 and Diablo 4.”

Being an official tie-in title (with its co-author being Robert Brooks, one of Blizzard's senior writers) it seems likely to be a series-spanning look at the ARPG series, right up to and including the as-yet-unannounced fourth game. 

Diablo 4 at BlizzCon 2019?

So when can we expect to see Diablo 4? With the book in the works and Blizzard's annual fan showcase mega event, BlizzCon 2019, around the corner, the conference seems like a safe bet for Diablo 4 to be revealed now. That takes place from November 1st through 3rd.

In fact, it's thought that Diablo 4 was on the cusp of being revealed at BlizzCon 2018, but the plug was pulled for more time to polish the game. As a result, Blizzard was forced to headline with Diablo Immortal, the first mobile entry into the series. As promising as that looks, it rankled fans hoping for news on a core entry into the series.

Blizzard needs a win at the moment – the developer sparked controversy regarding its handling of a Hong Kong pro-democracy activist within the Hearthstone community. Diablo 4 being rumored alongside a remastered version of the classic Diablo 2 could be the sort of headline announcements to get its audience back on its side.

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