Creed 3 is coming to Prime Video soon – but you can't stream it for free

Adonis Creed fights Ricky Conlan in Creed 3
Creed 3 will be available on Amazon's streaming service in early April. (Image credit: MGM/Warner Bros. Pictures)

Creed 3 has only been out in theaters for one week (at the time of writing), but it's already gearing up to punch its way onto Prime Video.

Per an Amazon press release, the third film in the Creed franchise will debut on Prime Video on April 7. That means the Michael B Jordan-starring threequel will be available to watch on one of the world's best streaming services just one month after it delivered a knockout blow at the box office. Creed 3 took over $100 million globally during its opening weekend, making it the biggest sports movie opening in motion picture history.

Unfortunately for Prime Video subscribers, though, Creed 3 won't be free to watch when it enters the streaming platform ring. In the same press release, Amazon confirmed Creed 3 will only be available as part of Prime Video's back catalog to rent or buy. If you're looking to watch the film for free via Prime Video's subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) service, you'll have to wait a bit longer, as a confirmed streaming date hasn't been revealed yet.

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If Creed 3 continues to hook in ticket sales worldwide, it could be a few months before it's freely available to stream on Prime Video. Should that prove to be the case, you're better off heading to your local cinema to watch it on the big screen.

You'll want to do that, too, in our view. In our Creed 3 review, we said it "delivers a one-two punch of style and substance to largely break free of the Rocky series' commanding presence, adding "the spiky, three-dimensional dynamic between Adonis Creed and Damian Anderson drives the movie forward in novel ways, while its action is intriguingly anime-esque in its approach."

We've reached out to Amazon to find out when Creed 3 will be free to stream on Prime Video, and we'll report back once we receive a response.

Going the distance with the Rocky franchise

Rocky fights Apollo Creed in his self-titled 1976 movie

All six Rocky films are available to stream on Prime Video. (Image credit: United Artists)

If Creed 3 has piqued your interest in the Rocky and Creed movie series – the Creed franchise is a continuation of the Rocky films, after all – you'll want to know where you can stream each flick.

Luckily, all eight of Creed 3's predecessors – six Rocky films, plus Creed 1 and Creed 2 – are streamable on Prime Video right now. That's because Amazon Studios bought MGM, the studio that originally released some of the Rocky films, for $8.5 billion in March 2022.

Don't know where to start with the octet of Rocky and Creed flicks?? Our guide on how to watch the Rocky movies in order should be your first port of call. Once you're done reading that, you should also find out which Rocky and Creed movies made it onto our best Prime Video movies list, as the quality varies between each film, especially when it comes to the Rocky Balboa movies (the less said about Rocky V, the better).

"But I don't have a Prime Video subscription!", we hear you cry. Fear not, dear reader, for we can help you there, too. Our Prime Video subscription cost guide provides all the details you need about its price point in your world region. If you'd prefer to try out the service for free first instead, you can see if there's a free Prime Video trial available in your country as well. Hey, Rocky wouldn't judge you for wanting to try-before-you-buy, so we won't either.

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