Corsair is becoming a PC maker with ‘One’ rig to rule them all

Corsair is going to become a PC vendor, with the company announcing that it intends to unleash a fully-fledged gaming PC onto the market.

The Corsair One will be component makers first ready-built PC with all components in place. Famous for its components (including memory, SSDs, power supplies and cases along with other peripherals like keyboards), the firm has previously offered barebones kits (like the Bulldog living room PC).

The bad news at this point is that there are absolutely no spec details thus far. Aside from appearing in a Maximum PC print ad and Corsair's own website, the company is staying very tight-lipped about exactly what it’ll put inside this machine.  All we really have is a picture of the PC and a site where surfers can sign up to be notified when further details are made available.

The Maximum PC ad shows the PC positioned next to someone engrossed in a game on a curved ultra-wide monitor (see above), indicating that this is a gaming machine (as you would expect – Corsair is hardly likely to be building a workstation computer).

Design for life

In design terms, the Corsair One looks pretty compact – at least length-wise – and has some subtle glowing blue lines down its front, with plenty of cooling vents.

The promotional bumph urges the reader to not only ‘battle’, but ‘explore’ and ‘create’, which along with the mention of a ‘category-defying PC’ suggests a machine which could also be targeted at creative types as well as gamers.

This is also reflected in the fact that it’s a fairly sophisticated looking rig as opposed to some gaming PCs which can tend to veer towards looking like an alien spaceship complete with multicolored lights aplenty.

In short, at this point we don’t know enough, but it’s definitely exciting to think about what Corsair could potentially come up with here. There’s no indication of any launch date yet, but we can’t wait to get our hands on the One to give it the review treatment.

  • Of course, as a gaming PC, it's running Windows 10 by default

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