Console vs. PC Gaming – Which is Better?


 If you want to be a gamer, perhaps the first thing on your list would be to buy a console like Sony PlayStation 4 (Rs. 36,407 for 1 TB console) or Xbox One (Rs. 35,989). While both these consoles are great devices, you should be aware  that there is another option available to you, and that is PC gaming. It  is impossible not to be dragged into the debate of console vs. PC gaming,  when you enter the world of gaming. The console gamer's think that since  the entire machine is dedicated for gaming purposes, it is the superior  one. Whereas the PC gamer's argue that PCs have greater computing power  than the consoles, which makes it the better choice. So which is the  better option, console or PC gaming? Let's have a look.

Hardware   - When it comes to control over hardware, PC gaming wins hands down  because you can easily upgrade the computer components. This allows you  to incorporate the latest technology. Consoles, on the other hand, are  not upgradeable.

Graphics   - Since you can keep upgrading your PC hardware, the graphics for PC  gaming will also keep on improving. However, this is not the case with  consoles. You will have to buy the latest console for improved graphics.

Design   - When you are thinking about the aesthetics, the slim and glossy  design of the consoles are much better than the PCs. You can keep the  consoles anywhere in the house and since they are built for convenience,  they do not require much space. On the contrary, PCs will need a lot  more space.

Performance   - One of the major disadvantages of consoles is that the hardware  inside of them are generally not the most updated ones, which is why you  can buy them at low prices. In fact, a lot of PC gamer's believe that  any decent gaming PC, even from 2010, can outshine consoles when it  comes to performance. The more the power, the smoother the frame rates,  the faster the load times, and the higher the resolution.

Cost   - On the whole, PC gaming is cheaper when compared to console gaming.  Even though the initial price of the console is low, in the long term,  you will have to pay the hidden fees as well as any price hikes for  consoles.

Functionality   - When it comes to a gaming PC, you can also use it as a personal  computer. Because of the high performance of these PCs, you can finish  your everyday tasks without any difficulty. A gaming PC can serve  various purposes, apart from playing games, it is quite versatile in  this sense. In the past, consoles had a very specific function - playing  games. Today, with Xbox One and PS4, you can use these as Blu-Ray  players and for streaming Netflix. However, the functionality of a games  console is nothing against that of a gaming PC. 

Games   - Gaming PCs have a much larger library, which in turn means more  games. What's more, PC games have free enhancements and modifications  available, which is not the case with consoles. 

Overall, among console and PC gaming, the latter is definitely the  winner. If you still cannot decide between the two, you can enjoy the  best of both the worlds with Steam Machines.