Microsoft expected to reveal Surface PC at Windows 10 October event

Windows 10 background

Microsoft is holding a special event in New York City on October 26 to show off a new Surface product, which might be the long-rumored Surface PC, and to talk about the future of Windows 10.

The event invite reads, "Imagine what you'll do" written backwards on a window overlooking New York.

Although Microsoft announced a ton of hardware during an event last October, this year's announcements are said to be centered primarily around software. There will still likely be some hardware announced, like the aforementioned Surface PC and Surface-branded accessories.

Microsoft Surface Keyboard

Image credit: Windows Central | This is the Surface keyboard that could ship with the new Surface all-in-one.

We expect the Surface PC to be an all-in-one computer designed for the living room. Rumors point to the PC coming in three different screen sizes: 21-, 24- and 27-inch.

Sources familiar with Microsoft's plans speaking to The Verge say not to expect refreshed specs for the Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book. Instead, the event will focus around laptops and other devices from third-party OEMs.

Windows 10, again

In addition to some hardware announcements, the event will delve into what's to come for Windows 10. We already know Microsoft plans to bring two major Windows 10 updates in 2017, and it could discuss what those updates might entail.

The company could also talk about the future for gaming across Windows and Xbox. Cross-platform play is already available with games like Forza Horizon 3 and Gear of War 4, but the selection of games you can play across PC and console remains small for now.

Stay tuned to TechRadar as we'll bring you all of the news from Microsoft's October 26 event. You'll also be able to livestream to the proceedings here.

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