Here's what Microsoft's Surface keyboard looks like

Surface keyboard FCC leak

Remember the Surface-branded keyboard which was rumored last week? Well, we've now got a look at the device courtesy of images filed by Microsoft with the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) – and apparently there's a Surface Mouse in the pipeline, too.

Windows Central spotted the image of the keyboard which you can see above, and the website also got hold of a promo pic from Microsoft showing a close-up of the peripheral – check that out below.

Apparently, there will be two models of Surface keyboard: the pictured device, which is a slim and streamlined peripheral (albeit rather basic looking), and also an ergonomic Bluetooth keyboard which last week's rumor referred to (the source of this was a Bluetooth SIG listing). Presumably the latter is going to be the more expensive model.

Windows Central asserts that there will also be a Surface Mouse partner peripheral – which you can perhaps see the top corner of, in the below image – and all these devices will have a gray finish.

Surface Keyboard Windows Central leak

Batteries not included

The previous Bluetooth SIG filing indicated that the ergonomic keyboard would use Bluetooth LE 4.2, and according to the new FCC filing, both this keyboard and the Surface Mouse will be powered by a pair of AA batteries.

These peripherals are due to be revealed imminently, and quite possibly alongside the Surface PC, an all-in-one computer which will be unveiled at the end of this month according to the rumor mill. The slim keyboard and mouse could well be bundled with this PC.

As for the Surface all-in-one itself, speculation points to this being a modular machine, with components which are like Lego bricks in that you can simply plug new modules in, or swap existing ones, for a dead easy upgrade process.

That's a pretty ambitious concept, of course, so we may well see a more traditional AIO machine come the end of October. If indeed we see anything at all, although it certainly seems that a Surface keyboard and mouse are imminent – and it would make sense to launch them alongside the PC.

Image Credit: Windows Central

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