Microsoft's next Surface device is… an ergonomic keyboard?

Surface Pro 4 type cover

The Surface range is going great guns these days, so why wouldn't Microsoft want to expand it beyond detachable tablets? It would certainly make sense to push the name, and beyond news of an all-in-one Surface PC, there is now word of a Surface-branded keyboard.

This speculation comes from a listing, spotted by German tech site WinFuture on the Bluetooth SIG (special interest group) website, which is for a Surface Ergonomic Keyboard that would, obviously enough, be a wireless peripheral driven by Bluetooth LE 4.2.

However, beyond the mention of the version of Bluetooth used, there are no other details on the keyboard provided. Given that it's labelled ergonomic, though, we can guess that the peripheral may have some kind of design elements or shaping to help keep the user's wrists from suffering during prolonged typing sessions.

Bundled benefit

Of course, Surface tablets already have keyboard partners in the form of Type Covers (pictured above), so if Microsoft is indeed launching a Surface all-in-one, it makes sense that it would have a keyboard accessory to go with it. One that could be bundled with the computer, and also perhaps sold separately too.

Not that the Surface PC is confirmed yet – but it has been rumored by a reputable source that an all-in-one will be unveiled by Microsoft at a press event at the end of next month. Said PC is supposedly designed for the living room, and may also be a modular machine you can easily upgrade.

While you can certainly argue that any PC is easy enough to upgrade anyway, Microsoft's supposed design consists of modules that can simply be plugged in, allowing you to add or swap components as if you were playing with high-tech Lego bricks. In other words, upgrading will be a truly simple and foolproof task.

Whether or not the PC will be a modular affair, we'll just have to see, but at any rate the all-in-one is supposedly coming in three sizes: 21-inch, 24-inch, and the largest model will have a 27-inch display.

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