This week's tech. mag: Apple's iWatch and wearable tech

tech. magazine - issue 12 out now
tech. magazine - issue 12 out now

While the Apple watch is still firmly in the rumour phase, tech. magazine rounds up all the speculation, from the best reporting to the most ridiculous conjecture, and even features a 360 degree interactive artist's impression of what Apple's time piece might look like.

This issue is packed with fantastic interactive features, and aside being the first readers to get hands-on with Apple's latest and greatest, there's also a fully interactive review of the new Nokia Lumia 620 and a video of Landsat 8, the Google Earth-powering satellite that blasted off this week.

Beyond the Xbox

This week's tech. also has special reports on Microsoft's plans for the Xbox beyond gaming, how Intel plans to monitor your family while they watch TV and Mailbox, the app which over a million people have waited in line to try.

Don't miss out on this week's tech fight, as we put Alicia Keys and up against each other for the title of the most cringeworthy celebrity endorsement.

Finally, there are hot reviews of Windows 8 hybrids, and round-up all the best things to download, play, watch and do this week, including funding a mad-cap scheme to build an actual Death Star.

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